Harvest festival by Akira

Do come to North Melbourne’s Language and Learning centre


Week 22 of Marathon training

Another 30 more weeks to go and gosh they will be gruelling as. Last week people already wrote their training questions on Facebook in the Melbourne Marathon group. Now is the time to be more serious and more focused.   I tried the mile repeats straight after lunch. Needless to say I felt very queasyContinue reading “Week 22 of Marathon training”

X50 tea

This is a product review and one of my favourite sports products as it keeps you hydrated. Here it burns 40 calories per cup. X50 Teas are from a company called Tribecca Health. They specialise in sports nutrition, weight loss, detox products and hydration. My X50 tea is in a water bottle like it shouldContinue reading “X50 tea”

Weight watchers by Katherine

Are you looking to lose weight this year? If so Weight watchers might be a good idea as Katherine talks about it below. For Weight Watchers I pretended to be a 120 kg woman who does 12 min of exercise per day. I signed up for this six month program. I also pretended to beContinue reading “Weight watchers by Katherine”

Week 21 of Marathon training

Sunday was a warm day and as usual there is a lot of scratching going on. I ran at 11am where it is the hottest. That dry skin on arms is from being exposed too much to the hot sun. And those pimply things are known as the runner’s acne (sweat induced acne). I justContinue reading “Week 21 of Marathon training”

Week 20 of marathon training by Akira

This week is not too bad. I did 104 kms in Feburary this year and then 21kms so far. I have been logging all my runs on a spreadsheet and most of them on Fitbit app. I also have been wearing my Fitbit daily. This helps to count the number of kms I have beenContinue reading “Week 20 of marathon training by Akira”

Naked Energy bar by Akira

This bar is from the protein company called “Aussie Bodies” and here they have decided to make a real food bar. This bar does not contain whey protein but rather nut protein. Here I sampled the Almond, Coconut and Cacao bar. Here it was not too sweet and it filled me up easily. It isContinue reading “Naked Energy bar by Akira”

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