Nando’s as a health food thing

I have eaten at Nandos quite a fair few times.

Nandos is a chain store that sells chicken, chips and their spicy rice.

Here they have small portions of chicken and sides, enough to feed one person. Occassionally though they do have some promotion such as free chips.

The service there can be ok, attentive or not great at all depending on which store. In Victoria there are stores in most suburbs. In the CBD there are about eight. Some of the Nando’s are not always clean but the staff do try their best to make it work

I enjoy their sweet potato fries and their spicy rice. Their sweet potato fries are really crispy with not a lot of salt.  Here the rice is not too spicy and almost all of the items on the menu are gluten free except for the BBQ sauce and breaded items such as the chicken burger and wrap.

As for their food it is not laden with a lot of sauce. I really don’t like sauce a lot as it can be too sweet and fattening. Plus it is just empty calories. I like my sauces to be on the side.

I have had their burger once and it was alright. It was in the city store one night.

Nandos is everywhere in Melbourne. Go find one here. They also have their Peri perks which entitles you to some discounts and you can sign up in store or online via the App. The app does not work with Windows phone.

What do you think of Nandos?


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