Week 17 of the Marathon

This started off with a period and training on the second day of period. I struggled to find anything on this topic from Google, although in the past I did not do so well in it. It is really hard as I don’t always get enough iron in my daily intake. Members of the Crosbie said it is alright to have bad training days and they always train 24/7 of the year.

I did throw up a little bit but then all went well. This period was a bit heavier due to low intake of iron in the past month.


Lost a bit of motivation to train hard in the middle of the week so went to a friend’s event in Princess park. There were a lot of runners for the 8km and I was too late in signing up so I just watched. Even if I ran I would have come last and would have missed the train home. But thankfully Sole Motive gave me some presents and I will review them soon as well as some warm up ideas such as dancing.

Went to meditation this week and here they were talking about acceptance and happiness. This was a free meditation in Federation Square at lunchtime.

This week’s long run was in the headwind on a very windy day. This was not fun. In fact I used up most of my energy and burnt about 900 calories just running in it. I also lost a lot of water in there too.


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