Tablet review: Cleangreen Barley Grass by Akira

I had always wondered about these natural detox programs which are not quick and easy ways to lose weight. I am always careful of those which mention lose weight in five days. So I picked up this bottle for $5 from Great Earth.


Here you are supposed to take three to four tablets a day depending on your lifestyle. It has about 25-30 serves per bottle and each serve has 280 mg of iron which is what we women need. Getting our irons in and running can be quite a challenge for us runners. Its also hard for some of us to get our veggies in.

Here I tried out this product for 25 days and on the first day I felt really clean. I didn’t really like the green, fishy taste of the tablet so I washed it down with water. It is a detox tablet so a couple of times I found myself lying awake. The tablet is small and circular.

A few days later I noticed an energy shift and have noticed that I run much better and without the huff and puff. Even if I did not sleep well the night before I still run well. I was in leaps and bounds. AND HELL HAVE NO FURY!!!!

NB: my weight did go down by 2kg in the end. But individual results may vary and it is always good to check with your doctor or health practitioner about these sorts of pills.

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