International students “Home Away from Home event” by Akira

This event was run by Study Melbourne and Places Victoria and is for all International student. As an International student from Japan who loves Chinese culture I came here. And here I enjoyed watching the lovely dragon dance.

This was a great way for students to reconnect with home. Many students are from China and Malaysia.

It was in Docklands behind Southern Cross station and it was poorly Ā advertised except on Facebook and Instagram

But there were no firecrackers. Sad face šŸ™

At least the food was free. At the start of the night Study Melbourne gave each of the students free $15 vouchers (3 X$5 ones). Here the prawn dumplings were just ok but the mixed platter was better. The prawn dumplings had too much of that Sichuan sauce which made it really hard to enjoy them. At least this was a welcome opportunities for students to meet.

Most of us students did not have the wine at the bar as it was $8 a glass. I don’t drink alcohol. I used to. Most people made do with the water or soft drinks and many students got ice cream.

Some of us met local residents with dogs as dogs are quite popular here.

If there was to be one next year, Study Melbourne and Places Victoria should see if they can host some of the dragon dancing at Southern Cross and firecrackers. Then it would get everyone talking and coming.

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