The things I ate in the last nine days

I am a really healthy eater and during the week it was Chinese new year. Most days I did about a 20-25 km walk/run per day. Some days I did cross training. I tried not to have too much of those whey shakes but whenever I did I always had it with some fruits and veg to up the nutrients.



For the two breakfasts (one at 7am and then other at 10:20am), I had Carmen’s museli, milk, bread with butter and Rokby farm’s whole protein. Which in fact I discovered that it has no whey in it. Altogether I had about 45 g of protein.

And then at 1pmish I had a salad  and then walked over to Shuji Sushi for mediocre sushi and seaweed salad. There was miso soup in there and you can read all about it in the other blog. Then at 5pmish just before my 5km run I had three beans, canned corn and tea.

After that there was the lunar new year festival. I treated myself to prawn dumplings and fried rice cakes


60min walk

At 9am I got up and had oatmeal. At 12:30pm my housemate cooked fried rice for lunch with lots of meats. For snacks today I had kale, nuts, ice cream and pepitas. And then dinnertime was a new year feast with chicken, prawns, white rice etc. And then the fruit salad.


Pride March, 60 min walk, 9.06km run.



9am: got up and had granola for Breakfast from Carmen’s. I also had milk to keep my bone structure. Then at 10:30am got hungry again and had a Be Natural bar.

12pm- added more irons in the form of a salmon with cream cheese bagel. Also had scrambled eggs with orange juice from Lane Bar. During the Pride March I had banana, carrot and Pepsi.

For dinner that night I had pumpkin and tortellini salad with a dinner roll and protein shake.


60 min walk and some weights

Had Granola again for breakfast and for lunch had a bean salad with kale. For dinner it was a stirfry with white rice.


90 min walk and a 11 km run


Had a naked tofu burger for breakfast. Didn’t sleep so well last night, kept wanting food. And then today had my kale and banilla shake which was just awesome. Then had miso soup and carrots for snacks. After my run had a tuna salad and then one lamb cutlet with rice and green papaya salad. Yum.


90 min walk and a 7km run


Went almost vegetarian today except for the Chicken and Leek pie. I bet you guys want to know whether it is possible to run if you are vegetarian. I did accidentally have a Buono bar even though I am not supposed to due to Febfast. I forgot like an idiot that it was on.

For breakfast I enjoyed my housemates homemade museli. For dinner I enjoyed a small cannelini bean salad with a vegetarian pho. I did of course have my usual kale shake.


60 min walk and 20 mins of HIIT

Today tried Pancake Parlours short stack without the ice cream and I got to say that this is better and much healthier.

Was vegetarian again almost. Had two salads (one with tofu and beans for lunch). For snack I had the Quests bar and there is a review for that.

Friday again (3/2/2017)

I had museli again. Had an appointment at Shape up to see my running coach and see how my weight and fat was going. Fat was 18% Yippee and Weight was 52.2kg. Therefore another shake.


Had turkey pasta bake for lunch and bean salad with spicy rice and chips from Nandos for dinner. Its hard to be a vegetarian and a runner without the shakes.

Saturday – 4/2/2017

60 min walk early in the morning

Had two seafood meals- one for lunch and one for dinner. For dinner I had tuna pasta and for lunch I had okomiyaki with octopus pieces as well as kale and green papaya salad. It is really easy to fall in love with kale and there is kale outside in the garden.

For morning tea I had miso soup. Miso soup has a lot of iron so it is good for the female runners who need more than the males.

Sunday- 5/2/2017

12km run and 60 min walk


Had Granola again. Then had prawn and chive dumplings after my run. Drank too much alcohol in the wine and food pairing event.

Got really drunk after the run.

There you have it, these are my days of trying to be healthu




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