Quests new Coconut bar by Akira

Quest is a well known protein company that loves to produce energy bars for the endurance athletes. Here they have five different flavours and I picked their latest one which is coconut.


Their brand is available in gyms and health food stores all over the country and they also do appear at the Fitness and Health expo. They are also available at some supermarkets and are priced between $4-$6 for one bar.

I picked up a bar from my local convenience store.

It does not have a lot of sugar but it does have 20 g of protein in there. This is good for the runner in me.

It was hard to open and it took me time to do so. The bar was stuck to the packaging due to the heat. The bar was easily melted in my gym bag. But it was not too sweet and the sweetness was from the coconut.

If you are a gym freak and are hungry do pick up one.


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