Organic Food Bar: Active Greens

Want something that is vegan and with protein? Running a marathon? If so you’ll know where to look!



This is one bar that I bought to try. They are vegan and they used plant based protein known as pea protein. It was $4.25 from my local health food store. When I saw this I figured I would give this a go.

It is easy to open for a start. It is the gooey and non chocolate coated sort of bar. It is not too sweet but it has that strange grassy taste on the first bite. It is sweet from the dates and they have blueberry powder in there to give it that blueberry flavour. Oh and it has spirulina to give it that green colour. But be careful it has about 20 g of sugar in there.

It kept me full for a while so that is a good thing. ¬†And it is gluten free which is great for those that can’t tolerate the gluten. Now you’ll know where to look.

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