Lunar New Year at Crown by Akira

Crown always have such event for everyone which is free. Here I love the smell of food and love the dragon dance. The dragon is such a huge feature of the event.

Asian Inspirations are always there and already they attract many people to their free demonstrations. Also the Oriental merchant store attracts so many visitors and we get to try so many of their snacks for free such as the seaweed crackers and the drinks. Personally I’m not a fan of them as they are too sweet. But I do like the iced coffee on offer as that is not too sweet.

The food range is ok but pricey. And they feature a lot more Korean, Thai and Vietnamese stalls rather than the usual Chinese new year stalls. I would have thought that for Chinese new year they would have Chinese noodles in the first week, but no such luck.  They did however had one good dumpling stall but a plate of prawn dumplings were $10 for 8. The fried raddish cake was good but it had too much sauce and its a Vietnamese dish.

Do go to next years one if there is one.

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