Week 15 of the Marathon training by Akira

This week found it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep. This week was not too hot which is great as I hate running in the heat. I am not made for that.  In fact I get the runner’s rash on my arms when a race is done in the heat. So what I do is moisturise my arms with the Body Shop’s mango cream before I go out for the day. Friend A thought that it was allergy to protein but they were wrong.


I also avoid running in the sunlight. Instead I run in the twilight sessions as that is a lot cooler for me.

I also did a search on google about protein and it said that I should be having about 1.4 g per kilo of bodyweight. Therefore that means that I should be having 112 g each day and Katherine should have 80 g (give or take each day).


Katherine got PMS really badly and she couldn’t sleep for a while due to low iron and then got more cramping in the legs. They say that the more iron she have the better the PMS.

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