Aussie Bodies newest protein drink by Akira

And it have 30 g of protein. This is a milk which is kept in the fridge and I bought it at the train station for $5. Silly old me should have known that it was at Woolworths and Coles for sports people to buy.


Friend A has this misconception of it being for bodybuilders but I strongly disagree. It is for everyone who is running a full 42.2km at the end of the year. Even at 21.1km I struggled a little bit with nutrition. I was looking at Runners World and they told me I needed 80g of protein per day. No wonder I was struggling a bit.

But it still tasted the same, just in a bottle and with a very milky taste. At least it worked well with the banana.

I prefer the old way and cheaper way of it being in a box.

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