Urban Wellness Project

Urban Wellness Project is on Union road in Ascot vale and they have been open for a few months. I think they replaced Bravo coffee which was not doing so well. I saw it one day whilst on the tram and was intrigued by it. I have been here twice both for snacks. This placeContinue reading “Urban Wellness Project”


Tablet review: Cleangreen Barley Grass by Akira

I had always wondered about these natural detox programs which are not quick and easy ways to lose weight. I am always careful of those which mention lose weight in five days. So I picked up this bottle for $5 from Great Earth. Here you are supposed to take three to four tablets a dayContinue reading “Tablet review: Cleangreen Barley Grass by Akira”

The things I ate in the last nine days

I am a really healthy eater and during the week it was Chinese new year. Most days I did about a 20-25 km walk/run per day. Some days I did cross training. I tried not to have too much of those whey shakes but whenever I did I always had it with some fruits andContinue reading “The things I ate in the last nine days”

Lunar New Year at Crown by Akira

Crown always have such event for everyone which is free. Here I love the smell of food and love the dragon dance. The dragon is such a huge feature of the event. Asian Inspirations are always there and already they attract many people to their free demonstrations. Also the Oriental merchant store attracts so manyContinue reading “Lunar New Year at Crown by Akira”

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