Urban Wellness Project

Urban Wellness Project is on Union road in Ascot vale and they have been open for a few months. I think they replaced Bravo coffee which was not doing so well. I saw it one day whilst on the tram and was intrigued by it.


I have been here twice both for snacks. This place is really good for those that want to give up sugar or are on a Febfast program. They don’t have a lot of those commercial cakes and sweets. Rather they have dates and raw protein bars. They don’t believe in whey. They have the Raw range of goods.

They also have kombucha and other natural supplements. They have a naturopath on site sometimes and they do have self serve nuts and other things

The service is very down to earth and friendly and the guys know what they are doing. The staff smiles and acknowledge customers which is a good sign.


St Kilda festival and why I like it by Akira

The St Kilda festival means a lot to me as an International student and a health freak. For a start it is free and there are a lot of free exercise activities such as Zumba. I can teach Zumba and next year I would like to teach it as I am an amazing teacher. I have been teaching Zumba for a while at various gyms and all over the world.

Here it was a cold but sunny day and here I always enjoy free watermelon from Hare Krishna. How can anyone say no to free things? There was free coffee and iced tea but as usual it has too much sugar in them. And I don’t drink coffee. I am not an alcoholic but every now and then Katherine loves to have one drink. This one was a Sav Blanc and in a cute glass for a pricey $9.50. According to her it was the watered down version. We enjoyed it at the New World stage along with a live band.

We sampled the same ole sweet potato chips from Nandos and they gave the same ole vouchers that we got in the city but never used. The lines to Nandos was really long.

The cafes and bars along Acland st were filled with people drinking alcohol, but it wasn’t too bad until after 6pm. That was the time when people had dinner and then stayed to watch more of the live shows.

There were also games but we were not interested in them.

By 6pm the people started coming. Before then it was not too busy. People came by tram and by then the trams were fully packed. Even the train home was packed. Thank god we left after 6pm to go and train for the marathon.

Nando’s as a health food thing

I have eaten at Nandos quite a fair few times.

Nandos is a chain store that sells chicken, chips and their spicy rice.

Here they have small portions of chicken and sides, enough to feed one person. Occassionally though they do have some promotion such as free chips.

The service there can be ok, attentive or not great at all depending on which store. In Victoria there are stores in most suburbs. In the CBD there are about eight. Some of the Nando’s are not always clean but the staff do try their best to make it work

I enjoy their sweet potato fries and their spicy rice. Their sweet potato fries are really crispy with not a lot of salt.  Here the rice is not too spicy and almost all of the items on the menu are gluten free except for the BBQ sauce and breaded items such as the chicken burger and wrap.

As for their food it is not laden with a lot of sauce. I really don’t like sauce a lot as it can be too sweet and fattening. Plus it is just empty calories. I like my sauces to be on the side.

I have had their burger once and it was alright. It was in the city store one night.

Nandos is everywhere in Melbourne. Go find one here. They also have their Peri perks which entitles you to some discounts and you can sign up in store or online via the App. The app does not work with Windows phone.

What do you think of Nandos?


Week 17 of the Marathon

This started off with a period and training on the second day of period. I struggled to find anything on this topic from Google, although in the past I did not do so well in it. It is really hard as I don’t always get enough iron in my daily intake. Members of the Crosbie said it is alright to have bad training days and they always train 24/7 of the year.

I did throw up a little bit but then all went well. This period was a bit heavier due to low intake of iron in the past month.


Lost a bit of motivation to train hard in the middle of the week so went to a friend’s event in Princess park. There were a lot of runners for the 8km and I was too late in signing up so I just watched. Even if I ran I would have come last and would have missed the train home. But thankfully Sole Motive gave me some presents and I will review them soon as well as some warm up ideas such as dancing.

Went to meditation this week and here they were talking about acceptance and happiness. This was a free meditation in Federation Square at lunchtime.

This week’s long run was in the headwind on a very windy day. This was not fun. In fact I used up most of my energy and burnt about 900 calories just running in it. I also lost a lot of water in there too.


Tablet review: Cleangreen Barley Grass by Akira

I had always wondered about these natural detox programs which are not quick and easy ways to lose weight. I am always careful of those which mention lose weight in five days. So I picked up this bottle for $5 from Great Earth.


Here you are supposed to take three to four tablets a day depending on your lifestyle. It has about 25-30 serves per bottle and each serve has 280 mg of iron which is what we women need. Getting our irons in and running can be quite a challenge for us runners. Its also hard for some of us to get our veggies in.

Here I tried out this product for 25 days and on the first day I felt really clean. I didn’t really like the green, fishy taste of the tablet so I washed it down with water. It is a detox tablet so a couple of times I found myself lying awake. The tablet is small and circular.

A few days later I noticed an energy shift and have noticed that I run much better and without the huff and puff. Even if I did not sleep well the night before I still run well. I was in leaps and bounds. AND HELL HAVE NO FURY!!!!

NB: my weight did go down by 2kg in the end. But individual results may vary and it is always good to check with your doctor or health practitioner about these sorts of pills.

International students “Home Away from Home event” by Akira

This event was run by Study Melbourne and Places Victoria and is for all International student. As an International student from Japan who loves Chinese culture I came here. And here I enjoyed watching the lovely dragon dance.

This was a great way for students to reconnect with home. Many students are from China and Malaysia.

It was in Docklands behind Southern Cross station and it was poorly  advertised except on Facebook and Instagram

But there were no firecrackers. Sad face 🙁

At least the food was free. At the start of the night Study Melbourne gave each of the students free $15 vouchers (3 X$5 ones). Here the prawn dumplings were just ok but the mixed platter was better. The prawn dumplings had too much of that Sichuan sauce which made it really hard to enjoy them. At least this was a welcome opportunities for students to meet.

Most of us students did not have the wine at the bar as it was $8 a glass. I don’t drink alcohol. I used to. Most people made do with the water or soft drinks and many students got ice cream.

Some of us met local residents with dogs as dogs are quite popular here.

If there was to be one next year, Study Melbourne and Places Victoria should see if they can host some of the dragon dancing at Southern Cross and firecrackers. Then it would get everyone talking and coming.

Go Macro Macro Bar

This bar will help the homeless as some of the profits go towards helping them. It is vegan and soy free. And it is also whey free for those that cant have whey.

This is an organic company.

I bought this bar at Great Earth for $4-$5 roughly. It was a  warm day and this bar did not melt in the heat. It has cacao instead of chocolate and it has almond butter. Which is why you can taste the nuttiness and sweetness. It has about 15% of iron and 10 g of protein. This is great for a snack on the go

There are shards of coconut in there to give it that sweetness and texture.

Overall I recommend this as a good snack for the run.You can buy them from any health food shop in Melbourne.

Week 16 of Marathon training

I have to quit sugar. By that I mean the commercial sugars and fructose. Sometimes it can be quite hard to quit them as everywhere sells sugary items. Even today I walked by the girl serving samples of sugary green tea at Chattime.


Some of my family members are being a little bit on the negative side about running going on about you have done lots and you have done some damage to your skin by the runs. But my skin has improved because I have not eaten a lot of sugar and that is a good thing. When I eat too much in one day my skin goes ballistic.

And this week I have tried a new sports sunscreen and it works really well for my skin. I have also washed off the sweat each time I finished a run.

The things I ate in the last nine days

I am a really healthy eater and during the week it was Chinese new year. Most days I did about a 20-25 km walk/run per day. Some days I did cross training. I tried not to have too much of those whey shakes but whenever I did I always had it with some fruits and veg to up the nutrients.



For the two breakfasts (one at 7am and then other at 10:20am), I had Carmen’s museli, milk, bread with butter and Rokby farm’s whole protein. Which in fact I discovered that it has no whey in it. Altogether I had about 45 g of protein.

And then at 1pmish I had a salad  and then walked over to Shuji Sushi for mediocre sushi and seaweed salad. There was miso soup in there and you can read all about it in the other blog. Then at 5pmish just before my 5km run I had three beans, canned corn and tea.

After that there was the lunar new year festival. I treated myself to prawn dumplings and fried rice cakes


60min walk

At 9am I got up and had oatmeal. At 12:30pm my housemate cooked fried rice for lunch with lots of meats. For snacks today I had kale, nuts, ice cream and pepitas. And then dinnertime was a new year feast with chicken, prawns, white rice etc. And then the fruit salad.


Pride March, 60 min walk, 9.06km run.



9am: got up and had granola for Breakfast from Carmen’s. I also had milk to keep my bone structure. Then at 10:30am got hungry again and had a Be Natural bar.

12pm- added more irons in the form of a salmon with cream cheese bagel. Also had scrambled eggs with orange juice from Lane Bar. During the Pride March I had banana, carrot and Pepsi.

For dinner that night I had pumpkin and tortellini salad with a dinner roll and protein shake.


60 min walk and some weights

Had Granola again for breakfast and for lunch had a bean salad with kale. For dinner it was a stirfry with white rice.


90 min walk and a 11 km run


Had a naked tofu burger for breakfast. Didn’t sleep so well last night, kept wanting food. And then today had my kale and banilla shake which was just awesome. Then had miso soup and carrots for snacks. After my run had a tuna salad and then one lamb cutlet with rice and green papaya salad. Yum.


90 min walk and a 7km run


Went almost vegetarian today except for the Chicken and Leek pie. I bet you guys want to know whether it is possible to run if you are vegetarian. I did accidentally have a Buono bar even though I am not supposed to due to Febfast. I forgot like an idiot that it was on.

For breakfast I enjoyed my housemates homemade museli. For dinner I enjoyed a small cannelini bean salad with a vegetarian pho. I did of course have my usual kale shake.


60 min walk and 20 mins of HIIT

Today tried Pancake Parlours short stack without the ice cream and I got to say that this is better and much healthier.

Was vegetarian again almost. Had two salads (one with tofu and beans for lunch). For snack I had the Quests bar and there is a review for that.

Friday again (3/2/2017)

I had museli again. Had an appointment at Shape up to see my running coach and see how my weight and fat was going. Fat was 18% Yippee and Weight was 52.2kg. Therefore another shake.


Had turkey pasta bake for lunch and bean salad with spicy rice and chips from Nandos for dinner. Its hard to be a vegetarian and a runner without the shakes.

Saturday – 4/2/2017

60 min walk early in the morning

Had two seafood meals- one for lunch and one for dinner. For dinner I had tuna pasta and for lunch I had okomiyaki with octopus pieces as well as kale and green papaya salad. It is really easy to fall in love with kale and there is kale outside in the garden.

For morning tea I had miso soup. Miso soup has a lot of iron so it is good for the female runners who need more than the males.

Sunday- 5/2/2017

12km run and 60 min walk


Had Granola again. Then had prawn and chive dumplings after my run. Drank too much alcohol in the wine and food pairing event.

Got really drunk after the run.

There you have it, these are my days of trying to be healthu




Lunar New Year at Crown by Akira

Crown always have such event for everyone which is free. Here I love the smell of food and love the dragon dance. The dragon is such a huge feature of the event.

Asian Inspirations are always there and already they attract many people to their free demonstrations. Also the Oriental merchant store attracts so many visitors and we get to try so many of their snacks for free such as the seaweed crackers and the drinks. Personally I’m not a fan of them as they are too sweet. But I do like the iced coffee on offer as that is not too sweet.

The food range is ok but pricey. And they feature a lot more Korean, Thai and Vietnamese stalls rather than the usual Chinese new year stalls. I would have thought that for Chinese new year they would have Chinese noodles in the first week, but no such luck.  They did however had one good dumpling stall but a plate of prawn dumplings were $10 for 8. The fried raddish cake was good but it had too much sauce and its a Vietnamese dish.

Do go to next years one if there is one.