Week 13 of marathon training by Akira

This week saw Katherine have her period. This period wasn’t too painful like all the other times. but she did go too slow on her long runs. This is due to lack of iron and heavy bleeding.


This week we discovered that going for a run helps us achieve three things.

  1. Happiness- you can choose your happiness. You can be surrounded by positive people and thoughts and don’t let the negative things get to you. I have autism but I don’t let it get to me too much. I also have a can do attitude for everything.
  2. Exploring new parks and trails for free (except paying for public transport, but we have a monthly). No more gym membership.
  3. Being more relaxed about things. Running is another form of meditation as people say

Also this week it was announced in the Age that there is a plan to move homeless people away from the streets and into temporary accomodation. For most they have given up all hope. Some of them were just like you and I.


This was the week of the Bourke st tragedy. Here we feel sad about the 25 victims and people have left flowers everywhere in Bourke st mall eversince.

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