Week 12 of the Melbourne Marathon by Akira

This week we met up with the Crosbie Crew for their monthly parma nights and they say that I should be working even harder for the marathon. But because it is holidays now (until the end of Jan), I do not want to. I still love running and not being able to drive. I also love not having to wait around in such long jams or in overcrowded transport going to the MCG. If I hadn’t ┬áhave run the race last year, I would not have been aware that I can walk/run easily to most places.

The Crosbie crew also mentioned something about the Geelong Half Marathon in April. It starts at 8am. Not too sure if I want to do that since there are other races such as the summer series and the Run for the Kids event. The Run for the Kids event is two weeks before the Geelong and its only 15 km.

By the way beer tastes great after a hard workout.


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