Week 11 of the Marathon training: New Year new eyes

This week we took it really easy as we should do with running. This week on most training runs did an hour of that. January and February are a lot quieter and a lot more time to enjoy good meals and markets. They say that on average a person needs to do about 1-2 hours of exercise per day and some of it should be vigorous. And others should be based on strength.


This week the pacer opportunities came around but Katherine could not apply yet. Applications are open in mid 2017. But she believed that she can run the 42.2 km in a time of four hours and thirty minutes. That works out to be a pace of 1km per 5 mins. It takes a lot of mental strength and possibilities and believing in yourself.

With running the marathon this year and writing about different aspects of it, we hope to have about 5000 followers by the end of the year. We also hope to encourage many International students to take up running. There are many fun runs during the year both in the city and in rural areas.

Last year was more about learning to run and this year will be mentoring people on the race and offering words of encouragement to help them on their weight loss journey. Losing weight is hard work and its all about being confident in yourself. There is no quick and easy way to it. Its all about patience.

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