South Melbourne Night Market by Akira

This market is quite a good one and we enjoyed walking there from the city. It would be really hard to find a park there as the only place to park is on the rooftop or in a side street. So many people took the 96 or the 12 tram to get there from the city. I took the number 96 to get home.

Here the lines were really long for food hence we didn’t bother. Katherine knew from last year’s visit that waiting in line is no fun at all. In fact last year we had no time to explore other places in the market. We however bothered with Colonial Brewing Co beer. This was a very strong brew with about 4.9% of alcohol. We had this with the nuts that Katherine brought and she herself had a bagel brought from home.

The desserts looked huge and they were reasonably priced between $2-$10. But because sweets are not good for you and we are having dinner at home, we thought not. There was baklava there but we didn’t want it.

There were no tables anywhere as about 1000 people came. But the queue to the bathrooms was not too long although it got longer after  7:50pm. If there is too long a line to the bathrooms there are some more in Clarendon centre where Mad Mex and Coles is.

Do come by to this iconic summer market which is on every Thursday in January and Feburary from 5pm-9pm in South Melbourne. And dogs are very welcome here. It is recommended that you take them to the dog park in Eastern reserve before coming here just to calm them down. It is recommended that you bring your own bottle of water as there is not much water on site.

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