Trail report 3: Bellarine Rail Trail.

This is a relatively flat trail which starts at South Geelong station and then goes until Queenscliff. Here we only travelled to Portdarlington and back via Bellarine Hwy (a tiny section of it). The temperature was 24C-36C (well 38C in Melbourne). It rained in the morning and then it was sunny.

I took some coffee today hoping that it would perk me up. It did but I spilt half of it because I filled the cup too full and so when I bent over it spilled  everywhere. Also I forgot to bring another bottle and did not know that there were no taps anywhere on the trail. There was no bathroom on the trail and I tried to find the porta potty in the camping shops.  But nothing or they were too big to buy and bring.

So what did I do about the no water? Well I stopped by Eddy’s in Bellarine Hwy for an iced coffee and a bottle of iced tea. Eddy’s is both a health food store and a cafe. This bottle was $4.50 and the iced coffee was $5. This was the nicest no cream coffee that I could ask for. It was not too sweet but strong.

Running the trails in the heat is hard and takes some time and perserverance to get used to.

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