Healthy Lifestyle Lounge in the City

There is a Healthy Lifestyle Lounge in Melbourne’s CBD just outside of Flinders st station on Elizabeth st. Here not only do they sell smoothies but they also sell lifestyle lessons and healthy advice. You do need a referral though and here is ours. Our email is: if you do want to get inContinue reading “Healthy Lifestyle Lounge in the City”


BSC’s High Protein Balls by Akira

BSC is a protein company and there are so many of them here in Australia. Some of them are from the US. But this one is from Australia. They were a little bit sweet but filling. These are great for a snack on the go. They are perfect for the endurance athlete. They are perfectContinue reading “BSC’s High Protein Balls by Akira”

Week 13 of marathon training by Akira

This week saw Katherine have her period. This period wasn’t too painful like all the other times. but she did go too slow on her long runs. This is due to lack of iron and heavy bleeding. This week we discovered that going for a run helps us achieve three things. Happiness- you can chooseContinue reading “Week 13 of marathon training by Akira”

Week 12 of the Melbourne Marathon by Akira

This week we met up with the Crosbie Crew for their monthly parma nights and they say that I should be working even harder for the marathon. But because it is holidays now (until the end of Jan), I do not want to. I still love running and not being able to drive. I alsoContinue reading “Week 12 of the Melbourne Marathon by Akira”

South Melbourne Night Market by Akira

This market is quite a good one and we enjoyed walking there from the city. It would be really hard to find a park there as the only place to park is on the rooftop or in a side street. So many people took the 96 or the 12 tram to get there from theContinue reading “South Melbourne Night Market by Akira”

Week 11 of the Marathon training: New Year new eyes

This week we took it really easy as we should do with running. This week on most training runs did an hour of that. January and February are a lot quieter and a lot more time to enjoy good meals and markets. They say that on average a person needs to do about 1-2 hoursContinue reading “Week 11 of the Marathon training: New Year new eyes”

Detox diets and why they are bad for you

Its January and you’ve probably overstuffed yourself with all the fatty and very heavy Christmas foods and beers. You probably want to lose weight in the quickest, most simplest way right? Well here’s where detox diets come in…. What is a detox diet? By no means you would have heard of this thing because theyContinue reading “Detox diets and why they are bad for you”

Trail report 3: Bellarine Rail Trail.

This is a relatively flat trail which starts at South Geelong station and then goes until Queenscliff. Here we only travelled to Portdarlington and back via Bellarine Hwy (a tiny section of it). The temperature was 24C-36C (well 38C in Melbourne). It rained in the morning and then it was sunny. I took some coffeeContinue reading “Trail report 3: Bellarine Rail Trail.”

Week 10 of the Marathon: Setting goals

Over Christmas we ate too much food and it was too hot. Hence there was not much exercise this week. Rather it was more about setting goals for the new year What is our mission? Our mission is to help people to lose weight easily and keep it off. Way too many people in MelbourneContinue reading “Week 10 of the Marathon: Setting goals”

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