Trail report number 2: Barwon River trail again by Katherine

Yes we went to Barwon River again. This time it was a lot cooler and it was easier to find

This one was on a slower pace as I had my most heaviest day of bleeding and was not quite feeling up to it. I walked for most of the way. I lost Akira halfway as he ran faster. I also had to change my pad in the bush as there were no toilets nearby. But I took all my rubbish back with me. It felt embarrassing but I’m sure many do it by the bush. But I managed to find a private spot where no one was looking. In the city there are many bathrooms. On the trail not so many.


I have read about the Diva Cup but I am not too sure about it because I don’t feel comfortable with a tampon. I know its not expensive but its getting it down there that I’m worried about

This time I remembered the compression bandage and a protein bar. But there were no snakes.

Do you feel sluggish everytime you have a period and you do your runs?


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