Friendships over food by Akira.

Melbourne is a very multicultural city with people liking different things. However there is all one thing in common and that is food and Christmas.


Here everyone loves their food. Most of us love Chinese food and potluck dinners. Potluck is where you bring food from your own country. Most people bring chips or dips. Chinese food is meant for sharing as sharing is caring.  Mai loves to bring Chinese dumplings from home. I love to bring curry from my home and Katherine loves to bring whatever especially cheeses as Australians love their cheese.

In summer we love our picnics. Here we love to have cheese of all sorts at our picnics as well as wine. Katherine loves bringing cheese to picnics and a couple of times she has brought wine.

Occassionally in summer there are those potluck or $10 BBQ’s hosted by the social groups aimed for International students like ourselves. Here we bring all sorts of food from our home countries.

And then there are those Welcome dinner project ones where we bring a plate of food to share. I love curry or anything that I cook at home and Katherine loves her cheese and Tim tams. Tim tams is a food that all Australians love (it is a chocolate biscuit).

Often on Christmas day we all eat a lot of food. We love our turkey, coleslaw and the like. We also love wine and the Christmas BBQ. In Australia, Christmas is often hosted at someone’s house or in a park. And because it is summer it sometimes can be a BBQ.

What is your favourite food for sharing? Please leave a comment below

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