Week 8 of the Melbourne Marathon

This week was a warm week in which we had to learn how to hydrate better. And the better we did the more cleaner we were. This week was also period week which means feeling heavier.


Training for races has taught me to be a lot more self aware of surroundings. Before training for the race I was not aware much of what was going on around me. I started in March 2016 with not much mental toughness and now I have a little bit. I was scared at first but now am not. I did not know how to run smoothly and now I do.

This week I have also learned to appreciate the humble baked beans. I used to dislike them but when used correctly such as with toast it works well for the runner in me. And no I do not fart much when I get used to eating a lot of beans. Each week I have been including a few meals and snacks with beans. The week before last I had a vegetarian naked burrito at Mad Mex

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