Week six of Melbourne Marathon by Akira

I was feeling good this week and clean too. But lately I’ve realized I’ve lost some muscle and gained a little bit of fat. Could it be that I am not eating as much as I used to at the gym.


Am trying Dr Susan Bowerman’s plan of going all healthy. I still am having all my proteins though. So hopefully things will be interesting.

Was lacking a bit of energy on Wednesday so I didn’t run as hard as I normally do. But then Friday I was ok.

Then the weekend came the Carmen’s fun run and I didn’t do so well coping in the heat. It was a 34C day with no cool change in sight until evening. And I had pms ::(. But at least I got a medal. Because of the heat I stopped at 12km and then after lunch went for another 8km. I was scared of getting heatstroke.

The Carmen’s fun run was so badly disorganised I had no idea of which group I started in. They are a women’s only race, raising money for breast cancer. The tickets were $100 to run but they do provide post workout nutrition. All the water ran out after 10am as many people started to feel the effects of dehydration.

How do you deal with the heat whilst racing?


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