City 2 Surf report

This year’s City to Sea was our first ever Westpac event. This event brought about many people but not many toilets. Water was plentiful and this year there was Hydralite. The Hydralite was pretty good. In fact I have some tablets at home.


People chose between the 5 and 15km race. We chose the 15 km as got to see more of Melbourne and we loved the technical aspects. In fact Katherine finished in just under 2 hours which was a huge half an hour off the time from Melbourne Marathon.

It cost people $70 to get in and with that there were no showbags or pins. However there was free coffee at Melbourne Expo Centre where we had to pick up the bib. There was no postage on our part as we were a Charity Superstar. Also there was no communication as to which group Charity superstars were meant to be in so we did not know that we can join any group. We joined the Yellow group which was the last group as we were the slowest of the bunch. Some of the people from the other fast groups joined the Yellow group as they were late to their thing.


In the Melbourne Marathon there were no DJ’s so this was pretty awesome. Also the staff there seemed friendlier.

By the way there was a lot of nervousness before the start of the race and I threw up a little bit.

Need to learn how to control those nerves. Are there any tips on how to do this?


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