Week five of the Melbourne Marathon

Summer is nearly here and to top it off I trained in the heat. Just completed City to Surf and before the race it was nerve racking. I actually vomited as I was just so nervous. The amount of people there at this race was overwhelming.


Got my mojo back on Tuesday which is awesome. On Friday managed to actually race back from St Kilda beach into the city. And actually managed to do the 15km. Nutrition is still a problem though as the bone density and muscle went down.

These last few days although I have been drinking enough, I have been very sweaty.

Going to the free meditation also helps with race preparation as sometimes the nerves go flying through

During the trail this week it was so hard to run in the dirt and mud. I got so much mud on my shoes, but I figured I will have to get used to this if I want to do the Torquay trail next year. Got lost somewhere along the way and had to take the train to the most known well known spot. And actually when I got home I had a little bit of trail diarrhea.

What are some good ways to  handle pre race nerves?

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