Happy hour

Many bars and restaurants have happy hour from 4pm-7pm and most have dinner specials there too. But many people eat and drink too much hence the rising obesity problem. They also don’t do enough exercise to earn those extra calories. Many people also don’t drink enough water hence they are thirsty and will have more alcohol just to quench their thirst.


Alcohol has many calories in a glass. A sauv blanc will set you back by 175 calories and then a champagne is about 150 calories. One huge pint of beer is about 150-175 calories. But red wine is the lowest in calories and alcohol. Alcohol can also make you thirsty wanting more.

The food at the bar is often salty with no nutrient value. A good steak dinner, although okay has about 575 calories. Onion rings and chips have about 500-1000 calories per serve and that is only just the batter. Dips have a whole lot more cream hence all the added calories. A slider each has about 150-300 calories.

Some ways to deal with the happy hour binge:

  • Do some exercise before going to the bar, be it gym, run etc. Then that way you will have earnt some calories.
  • Drink lots of water before you go out. If you don’t like water there is always herbal tea, instant herbal beverages, aloe from Herbalife etc.
  • Use cash- don’t bring the cards as you will spend only what you have and don’t go overboard
  • Just have fun without the food. You can just enjoy the company and the laughter and not getting too drunk.
  • Have a protein snack before you go. That can be your protein bar or minishake.

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