Week 9 of training for the Melbourne Marathon

What is success to you? Is it about being happy or wanting plenty of income? For me it would be that first one. Success changes when your goals and achievements change. You have to change your attitude if you want to be happy and successful. Along the way to your goal you’ll always experience problems.Continue reading “Week 9 of training for the Melbourne Marathon”


Trail report number 2: Barwon River trail again by Katherine

Yes we went to Barwon River again. This time it was a lot cooler and it was easier to find This one was on a slower pace as I had my most heaviest day of bleeding and was not quite feeling up to it. I walked for most of the way. I lost Akira halfwayContinue reading “Trail report number 2: Barwon River trail again by Katherine”

Friendships over food by Akira.

Melbourne is a very multicultural city with people liking different things. However there is all one thing in common and that is food and Christmas. Here everyone loves their food. Most of us love Chinese food and potluck dinners. Potluck is where you bring food from your own country. Most people bring chips or dips.Continue reading “Friendships over food by Akira.”

Week 8 of the Melbourne Marathon

This week was a warm week in which we had to learn how to hydrate better. And the better we did the more cleaner we were. This week was also period week which means feeling heavier. Training for races has taught me to be a lot more self aware of surroundings. Before training for theContinue reading “Week 8 of the Melbourne Marathon”

Trail Report number 1: Barwon River Trail

Barwon river trail is about a 1 km run from South Geelong station. We took a Vline train there and it was $9 as we had passes for zone 1 and 2.  It is next to Little Creautres Brewery. The temperature was a mild 21 degree day but out o the trail it felt moreContinue reading “Trail Report number 1: Barwon River Trail”

Week seven of the Melbourne Marathon by Akira

This week was rather easy with Katherine being too tired from her uninspiring performance in Sunday’s Carmen’s race. Yesterday we did really good as the weather was not too bad. In fact we burnt 700 calories doing 13km of running. In Sundays race it was waaay too warm and we were not used to it.Continue reading “Week seven of the Melbourne Marathon by Akira”

City 2 Surf report

This year’s City to Sea was our first ever Westpac event. This event brought about many people but not many toilets. Water was plentiful and this year there was Hydralite. The Hydralite was pretty good. In fact I have some tablets at home. People chose between the 5 and 15km race. We chose the 15Continue reading “City 2 Surf report”

Week five of the Melbourne Marathon

Summer is nearly here and to top it off I trained in the heat. Just completed City to Surf and before the race it was nerve racking. I actually vomited as I was just so nervous. The amount of people there at this race was overwhelming. Got my mojo back on Tuesday which is awesome.Continue reading “Week five of the Melbourne Marathon”

Happy hour

Many bars and restaurants have happy hour from 4pm-7pm and most have dinner specials there too. But many people eat and drink too much hence the rising obesity problem. They also don’t do enough exercise to earn those extra calories. Many people also don’t drink enough water hence they are thirsty and will have moreContinue reading “Happy hour”

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