Week 9 of training for the Melbourne Marathon

What is success to you? Is it about being happy or wanting plenty of income? For me it would be that first one. Success changes when your goals and achievements change. You have to change your attitude if you want to be happy and successful.instagramcapture_cf3dd41f-421e-457f-a934-b34c95e5bda2

Along the way to your goal you’ll always experience problems. But you can turn those problems into opportunity or be miserable for the rest of your life and fail at the running race. For us running successfully is not easy to do. But our new years resolution is to run a marathon within 4:30 hours. Now that might be a bit much of an ask but we will see.


Trail report number 2: Barwon River trail again by Katherine

Yes we went to Barwon River again. This time it was a lot cooler and it was easier to find

This one was on a slower pace as I had my most heaviest day of bleeding and was not quite feeling up to it. I walked for most of the way. I lost Akira halfway as he ran faster. I also had to change my pad in the bush as there were no toilets nearby. But I took all my rubbish back with me. It felt embarrassing but I’m sure many do it by the bush. But I managed to find a private spot where no one was looking. In the city there are many bathrooms. On the trail not so many.


I have read about the Diva Cup but I am not too sure about it because I don’t feel comfortable with a tampon. I know its not expensive but its getting it down there that I’m worried about

This time I remembered the compression bandage and a protein bar. But there were no snakes.

Do you feel sluggish everytime you have a period and you do your runs?

Friendships over food by Akira.

Melbourne is a very multicultural city with people liking different things. However there is all one thing in common and that is food and Christmas.


Here everyone loves their food. Most of us love Chinese food and potluck dinners. Potluck is where you bring food from your own country. Most people bring chips or dips. Chinese food is meant for sharing as sharing is caring.  Mai loves to bring Chinese dumplings from home. I love to bring curry from my home and Katherine loves to bring whatever especially cheeses as Australians love their cheese.

In summer we love our picnics. Here we love to have cheese of all sorts at our picnics as well as wine. Katherine loves bringing cheese to picnics and a couple of times she has brought wine.

Occassionally in summer there are those potluck or $10 BBQ’s hosted by the social groups aimed for International students like ourselves. Here we bring all sorts of food from our home countries.

And then there are those Welcome dinner project ones where we bring a plate of food to share. I love curry or anything that I cook at home and Katherine loves her cheese and Tim tams. Tim tams is a food that all Australians love (it is a chocolate biscuit).

Often on Christmas day we all eat a lot of food. We love our turkey, coleslaw and the like. We also love wine and the Christmas BBQ. In Australia, Christmas is often hosted at someone’s house or in a park. And because it is summer it sometimes can be a BBQ.

What is your favourite food for sharing? Please leave a comment below

Week 8 of the Melbourne Marathon

This week was a warm week in which we had to learn how to hydrate better. And the better we did the more cleaner we were. This week was also period week which means feeling heavier.


Training for races has taught me to be a lot more self aware of surroundings. Before training for the race I was not aware much of what was going on around me. I started in March 2016 with not much mental toughness and now I have a little bit. I was scared at first but now am not. I did not know how to run smoothly and now I do.

This week I have also learned to appreciate the humble baked beans. I used to dislike them but when used correctly such as with toast it works well for the runner in me. And no I do not fart much when I get used to eating a lot of beans. Each week I have been including a few meals and snacks with beans. The week before last I had a vegetarian naked burrito at Mad Mex

Trail Report number 1: Barwon River Trail

Barwon river trail is about a 1 km run from South Geelong station. We took a Vline train there and it was $9 as we had passes for zone 1 and 2.  It is next to Little Creautres Brewery. The temperature was a mild 21 degree day but out o the trail it felt more humid and warm. The air is also really dry in the rural areas so I had to rehydrate a lot. Also at home I got a bit of a headache and blocked nose.

Ran 12 km back to Geelong West and towards the end there was a huge hill. It was so huge we ended up walking it this time. We did not have the stamina to run it. The trail run itself is not too bad as there was a lot of flat road. But there were signs to watch out for snakes and canoes. Snakes we are scared of as we don’t know what to do if one of us gets bitten. I only have a small first aid kit and Swiss army knife.

There were so many insects around. I forgot the insect repellent but I know that there is some in the house.

In terms of food and facilities there is not much except for the odd sausage sizzle from a rowing event and some picnics. So we made do with our own lunch.

But when we got back to Geelong we refueled at Groove train with their eggplant chips and tea. We brought snacks for along the way and had a big meal before getting to the track.

Hopefully by the next trail we will have learnt about what to do if there is a snake bite and have more water. In fact there is more water on the train. Oh and find that darn repellent.

Week seven of the Melbourne Marathon by Akira

This week was rather easy with Katherine being too tired from her uninspiring performance in Sunday’s Carmen’s race. Yesterday we did really good as the weather was not too bad. In fact we burnt 700 calories doing 13km of running.

In Sundays race it was waaay too warm and we were not used to it. Carman’s race is an all women’s race to raise money for breast cancer.

City 2 Surf report

This year’s City to Sea was our first ever Westpac event. This event brought about many people but not many toilets. Water was plentiful and this year there was Hydralite. The Hydralite was pretty good. In fact I have some tablets at home.


People chose between the 5 and 15km race. We chose the 15 km as got to see more of Melbourne and we loved the technical aspects. In fact Katherine finished in just under 2 hours which was a huge half an hour off the time from Melbourne Marathon.

It cost people $70 to get in and with that there were no showbags or pins. However there was free coffee at Melbourne Expo Centre where we had to pick up the bib. There was no postage on our part as we were a Charity Superstar. Also there was no communication as to which group Charity superstars were meant to be in so we did not know that we can join any group. We joined the Yellow group which was the last group as we were the slowest of the bunch. Some of the people from the other fast groups joined the Yellow group as they were late to their thing.


In the Melbourne Marathon there were no DJ’s so this was pretty awesome. Also the staff there seemed friendlier.

By the way there was a lot of nervousness before the start of the race and I threw up a little bit.

Need to learn how to control those nerves. Are there any tips on how to do this?


Week six of Melbourne Marathon by Akira

I was feeling good this week and clean too. But lately I’ve realized I’ve lost some muscle and gained a little bit of fat. Could it be that I am not eating as much as I used to at the gym.


Am trying Dr Susan Bowerman’s plan of going all healthy. I still am having all my proteins though. So hopefully things will be interesting.

Was lacking a bit of energy on Wednesday so I didn’t run as hard as I normally do. But then Friday I was ok.

Then the weekend came the Carmen’s fun run and I didn’t do so well coping in the heat. It was a 34C day with no cool change in sight until evening. And I had pms ::(. But at least I got a medal. Because of the heat I stopped at 12km and then after lunch went for another 8km. I was scared of getting heatstroke.

The Carmen’s fun run was so badly disorganised I had no idea of which group I started in. They are a women’s only race, raising money for breast cancer. The tickets were $100 to run but they do provide post workout nutrition. All the water ran out after 10am as many people started to feel the effects of dehydration.

How do you deal with the heat whilst racing?


Week five of the Melbourne Marathon

Summer is nearly here and to top it off I trained in the heat. Just completed City to Surf and before the race it was nerve racking. I actually vomited as I was just so nervous. The amount of people there at this race was overwhelming.


Got my mojo back on Tuesday which is awesome. On Friday managed to actually race back from St Kilda beach into the city. And actually managed to do the 15km. Nutrition is still a problem though as the bone density and muscle went down.

These last few days although I have been drinking enough, I have been very sweaty.

Going to the free meditation also helps with race preparation as sometimes the nerves go flying through

During the trail this week it was so hard to run in the dirt and mud. I got so much mud on my shoes, but I figured I will have to get used to this if I want to do the Torquay trail next year. Got lost somewhere along the way and had to take the train to the most known well known spot. And actually when I got home I had a little bit of trail diarrhea.

What are some good ways to  handle pre race nerves?

Happy hour

Many bars and restaurants have happy hour from 4pm-7pm and most have dinner specials there too. But many people eat and drink too much hence the rising obesity problem. They also don’t do enough exercise to earn those extra calories. Many people also don’t drink enough water hence they are thirsty and will have more alcohol just to quench their thirst.


Alcohol has many calories in a glass. A sauv blanc will set you back by 175 calories and then a champagne is about 150 calories. One huge pint of beer is about 150-175 calories. But red wine is the lowest in calories and alcohol. Alcohol can also make you thirsty wanting more.

The food at the bar is often salty with no nutrient value. A good steak dinner, although okay has about 575 calories. Onion rings and chips have about 500-1000 calories per serve and that is only just the batter. Dips have a whole lot more cream hence all the added calories. A slider each has about 150-300 calories.

Some ways to deal with the happy hour binge:

  • Do some exercise before going to the bar, be it gym, run etc. Then that way you will have earnt some calories.
  • Drink lots of water before you go out. If you don’t like water there is always herbal tea, instant herbal beverages, aloe from Herbalife etc.
  • Use cash- don’t bring the cards as you will spend only what you have and don’t go overboard
  • Just have fun without the food. You can just enjoy the company and the laughter and not getting too drunk.
  • Have a protein snack before you go. That can be your protein bar or minishake.