Dr Strange: the movie

Dr Strange is the latest movie to come out and I went to see it in Lux. It was produced by Marvel and although it has not much of a storyline except for hero beats the crap of the evil guy, it had many mindset lessons.


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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Strange is good despite what others think about it. Cumberbatch is really good at playing arrogant characters whether evil or good and this is no exception. Rachael McAdams plays Christine Palmer, Strange’s ex or girlfriend (its hard to tell as the relationship goes in and out at various stages). Mads Mikkelsen was great at playing the evil guy who destroys all the arc. The eye makeup on him looked great and he looked very sinister. Tilda Swinton was just ok in playing the leader trying to protect the realm from the evil guy.

The movie is a bit like Inception in that there are many dimensions in the set. There are three arcs: London, US and Hong Kong. Strange was a surgeon in a hospital until he was involved in a car accident. He was successful. Then everything changed. He became depressed and started looking more into himself. He went to Nepal to train with the Ancient one and then he excelled. He excelled so much that he was made the leader. The Ancient one of course died in the hospital.

The fight scenes were really good and so were the special effects.

Some of the lessons learnt from the movie can be used in our training. The lessons learnt is not to be scared of failure. Use your mentors wisely, that is what they are there for. Also learn to ask questions and question everything you do. Dr Strange borrowed all the books from Wong’s library and really succeeded in fighting the bad guy. He practiced the spells really hard. If something does not go right there are lots of other ways to go around.

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