The female athletic triad

We talk about this all important issue for female health. Luckily though none of us have this sort of thing yet and we are in good health


The female athletic triad is a serious problem for women who are young. It mainly occurs in women who do a lot of exercise and don’t eat enough to sustain themselves. The first time around this is a warning sign that you should do something about this. The second time around it is more serious.

Often this is not talked about enough, not even mentioned. The athletic triad is where a woman loses her period due to not enough nutrition to sustain her normal everyday functions. The woman has low body fat, so low that she is not warm enough. The recommended body fat is about 15%-19% to be healthy. In this case she might not have enough estrogen for her monthly visitor.

The result: is a loss of bone density after a while of missed periods as all the minerals get taken out of the bones. And that can have lots of negative impacts on your performance in running.


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What should you do in this case?

We’d recommend seeing a doctor and maybe quitting exercise just for a little while. We also recommend that you have more food. If it is so bad that you have missed your period then let your doctor know. They may be able to prescribe some sort of hormonal thing to get you back on track

Just to be on the safe side about the body fat do get a body scan. You can do this for free at your local nutrition club or on the expensive side in most weight loss centres.

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