Week two of the Marathon training by Akira

This week was a little bit harder for myself and Katherine. First of all Katherine had PMS and water retention issues and then there was the thought of hayfever.


Katherine did two long trails. One was on Cup Day whilst others were getting smashed with the champagne. Afterwards for a recovery there was a picnic.

Then on Thursday we attended a seminar run by South Yarra Sports Clinic. They were really helpful and they gave everyone some ggood advice about eating right and core work. We also came away with samples from Isowhey and lots of core exercises such as planking for one minute. I mean we do some planking but not much. One exercise that we loved is the crab walking. We can do that whilst waiting for the tram. We can also do lunges as well.

They also said to do easy runs for about 80% of the week and 20% hard runs for the rest of the week. We should also mix that up as well but we find that the track gets a lot easier for the marathon if we try and stick to the same bits such as the beach part and the corners.

Corners are not our major strength. In fact they are a weakness and we have been trying to get good at them without any luck. It takes a lot of patience to get there.


But on Sunday it was a little bit easier and we had Subway just before the run. We had an egg wrap and orange juice. This was not such a great idea as Katherine had bladder issues in the first three miles. She felt too full and needed the loo.  Then after that we were fine and finished the 15 mile run within 2.5 hours.

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