Ordering off Menulog is quite simple and you can do it in your pj’s in your hotel room. Most hotels have free WI-FI service and you can opt for pickup or delivery. With delivery though there is a certain fee charged and a minimum must be spent.

Having said that there is a first time order discount at each of the individual restaurants. I ordered from Wise Guys on Park St in South Melbourne and they were fine in delivering the goods. Actually I opted for pickup and they did not disappoint despite the unfriendly service. Another person had to wait about five minutes for her pizza order. With Menulog you can choose the time that you want to pick up your order. And for some places you can opt to pay for cash. With pickup there is no minimum spend.

Wise Guys is a pizza and pasta joint which focuses mainly on takeaway. Here I got a takeaway pasta for $11.70 ($13 normally but with the 10% discount, I got $1.30 off my meal. Here the pasta was al dente but there was too much sauce. I had the spinach and cheese ravioli which was quite nice. It had lots of veg in there.

Because it was nice and sunny outside (it was a spring day with no rain), I enjoyed the goods in the park nearby whilst watching the dogs play. It was really fun there

Do order off menulog if you have no time.

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