Week one of Melbourne Marathon training for 2017

Here we are again at week one of Melbourne Marathon training for 2017. I know that this is soooo far away but there are so many elements to get right for this race. I want to (and aim to) do the 42 km race which is known to be a lot harder. One of them is nutrition. At the last marathon we almost got that right and then we saw people bonk and go to the hospital at the end of their 42 km race.

Bonking is where you hit that wall due to low levels of energy. Also people went to the hospital because they got so dehydrated at the end. Most people finished within 5 hours.

Finished 12 kms within 1:40 hrs at Brighton Beach and St Kilda.  Which means that I took off ten minutes. This is due to no periods and a flatter course and no lines and stomach growls. This time I tried some lollies in training and all went well.

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