Week 4 of the Melbourne Marathon

This week saw Katherine in period pain. No fun hey. It also saw her being sick and dreading training. This is where she lost lots of iron and has not regained it. She felt weak until Friday. Hence the nerves for City 2 surf. This week we watched Dr Strange in Lux- there is anotherContinue reading “Week 4 of the Melbourne Marathon”


Taste of Melbourne lives on by Akira

We got a free ticket courtesy of IMG events for competing in this years marathon. Here this was an alcohol fueled afternoon where punters ate and drank everything onsite. This was at albert park near the city and on the city to sea course which made running there easier. But people also took the tramContinue reading “Taste of Melbourne lives on by Akira”

Dr Strange: the movie

Dr Strange is the latest movie to come out and I went to see it in Lux. It was produced by Marvel and although it has not much of a storyline except for hero beats the crap of the evil guy, it had many mindset lessons. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Strange is good despite what others thinkContinue reading “Dr Strange: the movie”

The female athletic triad

We talk about this all important issue for female health. Luckily though none of us have this sort of thing yet and we are in good health The female athletic triad is a serious problem for women who are young. It mainly occurs in women who do a lot of exercise and don’t eat enoughContinue reading “The female athletic triad”

Why eating fast food all the time is bad for you by Akira.

Fast food is cheap but just how bad is it for you? We talk about the cons of eating fast food all the time. Eating fast food all the time is bad because it clogs your arteries and you gain more weight. Besides the people that work in these fast food chains are not paidContinue reading “Why eating fast food all the time is bad for you by Akira.”

Week three of Melbourne Marathon training by Akira

This week I have the pre race Carmen race jitters although I don’t really need to. No one has donated to me yet for City 2 surf and I wish that they would soon. We are doing all we can to get them to donate. Next week is the City to Surf and we racedContinue reading “Week three of Melbourne Marathon training by Akira”


Ordering off Menulog is quite simple and you can do it in your pj’s in your hotel room. Most hotels have free WI-FI service and you can opt for pickup or delivery. With delivery though there is a certain fee charged and a minimum must be spent. Having said that there is a first timeContinue reading “Menulog”

Week two of the Marathon training by Akira

This week was a little bit harder for myself and Katherine. First of all Katherine had PMS and water retention issues and then there was the thought of hayfever. Katherine did two long trails. One was on Cup Day whilst others were getting smashed with the champagne. Afterwards for a recovery there was a picnic.Continue reading “Week two of the Marathon training by Akira”

Week one of Melbourne Marathon training for 2017

Here we are again at week one of Melbourne Marathon training for 2017. I know that this is soooo far away but there are so many elements to get right for this race. I want to (and aim to) do the 42 km race which is known to be a lot harder. One of themContinue reading “Week one of Melbourne Marathon training for 2017”

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