Week 4 of the Melbourne Marathon

This week saw Katherine in period pain. No fun hey. It also saw her being sick and dreading training. This is where she lost lots of iron and has not regained it. She felt weak until Friday.


Hence the nerves for City 2 surf.

This week we watched Dr Strange in Lux- there is another post about Dr Strange. Lux was good provided that you didn’t buy the food. The food there was way expensive. Most items were over $10.

And then I went to the Mind Spirit body festival to hear from some amazing people about being healthy etc.

Taste of Melbourne lives on by Akira

We got a free ticket courtesy of IMG events for competing in this years marathon.

Here this was an alcohol fueled afternoon where punters ate and drank everything onsite. This was at albert park near the city and on the city to sea course which made running there easier. But people also took the tram down there. Car parking was a bit of a hassle.


And then once you get in the door you have to buy crowns. 1 crown is one $1 and the minimum is $30 per crown card. If you don’t use all of it during the session, simply return your card for a full refund of the amount that you didn’t spend.

The Wine Society sponsored the show and they offered free tasting sessions to all. They also offered wine lovers their membership for free if you buy 2 bottles for $50. Most people were keen except for us poor students.

Foodwise there really wasn’t a lot to buy this year. The portions kept on getting smaller and smaller. The line up of restaurants was still good as always. There was GAZI in which many people lined up at as well as Mamasita. Supernormal’s food was small and expensive. At least the Black Swan Dips train was good. People got to choose five flavours which are not in store yet. I really loved the pineapple one and the edamame one with wasabi. They were to die for!!

However I did manage to go home with a few snacks and chocolates courtesy of Deliveroo. And they had their free delivery service in their marquee. You sit down and order from three menus. I ordered the Western Plains pork dish ($10 or 10 crowns) from Circa. It was rather small but moreish- the way that Circa has their food.

The cocktail icy pole ($6) was great. I got the watermelon one and it was refreshing for a hot day in Melbourne. Here it was 17C but people had them anyway.

The Lurpak school had its usual butter and bread and at the end people were offered the butter to take home.

we got almost drunk easily so as to not try any more wines we threw the glass out.i know we can keep it and it was $3 but oh well.

Do come to next years one and thanks for the invite IMG Events

Dr Strange: the movie

Dr Strange is the latest movie to come out and I went to see it in Lux. It was produced by Marvel and although it has not much of a storyline except for hero beats the crap of the evil guy, it had many mindset lessons.


Promo poster courtesy of comicbookmovie.com

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Strange is good despite what others think about it. Cumberbatch is really good at playing arrogant characters whether evil or good and this is no exception. Rachael McAdams plays Christine Palmer, Strange’s ex or girlfriend (its hard to tell as the relationship goes in and out at various stages). Mads Mikkelsen was great at playing the evil guy who destroys all the arc. The eye makeup on him looked great and he looked very sinister. Tilda Swinton was just ok in playing the leader trying to protect the realm from the evil guy.

The movie is a bit like Inception in that there are many dimensions in the set. There are three arcs: London, US and Hong Kong. Strange was a surgeon in a hospital until he was involved in a car accident. He was successful. Then everything changed. He became depressed and started looking more into himself. He went to Nepal to train with the Ancient one and then he excelled. He excelled so much that he was made the leader. The Ancient one of course died in the hospital.

The fight scenes were really good and so were the special effects.

Some of the lessons learnt from the movie can be used in our training. The lessons learnt is not to be scared of failure. Use your mentors wisely, that is what they are there for. Also learn to ask questions and question everything you do. Dr Strange borrowed all the books from Wong’s library and really succeeded in fighting the bad guy. He practiced the spells really hard. If something does not go right there are lots of other ways to go around.

The female athletic triad

We talk about this all important issue for female health. Luckily though none of us have this sort of thing yet and we are in good health


The female athletic triad is a serious problem for women who are young. It mainly occurs in women who do a lot of exercise and don’t eat enough to sustain themselves. The first time around this is a warning sign that you should do something about this. The second time around it is more serious.

Often this is not talked about enough, not even mentioned. The athletic triad is where a woman loses her period due to not enough nutrition to sustain her normal everyday functions. The woman has low body fat, so low that she is not warm enough. The recommended body fat is about 15%-19% to be healthy. In this case she might not have enough estrogen for her monthly visitor.

The result: is a loss of bone density after a while of missed periods as all the minerals get taken out of the bones. And that can have lots of negative impacts on your performance in running.


Image courtesy of athlete life development

What should you do in this case?

We’d recommend seeing a doctor and maybe quitting exercise just for a little while. We also recommend that you have more food. If it is so bad that you have missed your period then let your doctor know. They may be able to prescribe some sort of hormonal thing to get you back on track

Just to be on the safe side about the body fat do get a body scan. You can do this for free at your local nutrition club or on the expensive side in most weight loss centres.

Why eating fast food all the time is bad for you by Akira.

Fast food is cheap but just how bad is it for you? We talk about the cons of eating fast food all the time.


What is good for you. Image courtesy of pintrest.com

Eating fast food all the time is bad because it clogs your arteries and you gain more weight. Besides the people that work in these fast food chains are not paid properly.

Most of the places are not always clean. At Hungry Jacks I paid $3 for a small bag of onion rings and was served by an unhappy international student. By the way this was not cooked well.  At least they have all the calories on the wall and the items to help people to make better decisions.

According to myfitnesspal.com a burger is about 600-900 calories. That is the ones from the takeaway joints. These burgers have not much nutrition in them. Rather they have more of the saturated fat which is not good for you.

Fast food is usually deep fried and its full of oil, sometimes old oil. If you eat this all the time and you are a lady who does not exercise then it can affect your periods. If you are a male and eat this all the time you’ll just get fat and tired. Also you’ll be out of breath most of the time. Eat this sometimes and then no worries. If you eat fast food all the time with no exercise then it can cause skin breakouts.


The conclusion: Fast food is ok on the odd occasion. And make sure that you earned it by exercising. If you make it at home even better as you can control what goes in your meals.

The Big Design market

This market is held in the underground car park and here it was quite busy with people. Here they had Billy Van Creamy ice cream which people say that it is quite good and they were right. Except the sorbet was on the bottom and it kind of fell apart by the time I got there. I paid $7 for good ice cream on a warm day.

The Big design market is full of designs but it also features food items like Sticky Balsamic and Prickly by nature as well as Tin Shed Charcuterie which have all their really nice duck pates and rilettes. Prickly by nature have some yummy sauces on offer. Sticky Balsamic are a Geelong based company and they also do great sauces. Most of the market had many good specials. But of course knowing me, no money to buy things.

This market only comes around once in a blue moon so check the Facebook page for updates

Week three of Melbourne Marathon training by Akira

This week I have the pre race Carmen race jitters although I don’t really need to. No one has donated to me yet for City 2 surf and I wish that they would soon. We are doing all we can to get them to donate.

Next week is the City to Surf and we raced along Beaconsfield Parade. This was so hard to d0 as it seemed so long and it was so windy. But once we get used to beach running we’ll be fine.


I had three egg meals this week and I seem to be running just fine. If I have enough good nutrition I will be fine for the marathon. Its just the keeping up that is the hard part. Luckily I have such apps like myfitnesspal to help with the keeping up.


Ordering off Menulog is quite simple and you can do it in your pj’s in your hotel room. Most hotels have free WI-FI service and you can opt for pickup or delivery. With delivery though there is a certain fee charged and a minimum must be spent.

Having said that there is a first time order discount at each of the individual restaurants. I ordered from Wise Guys on Park St in South Melbourne and they were fine in delivering the goods. Actually I opted for pickup and they did not disappoint despite the unfriendly service. Another person had to wait about five minutes for her pizza order. With Menulog you can choose the time that you want to pick up your order. And for some places you can opt to pay for cash. With pickup there is no minimum spend.

Wise Guys is a pizza and pasta joint which focuses mainly on takeaway. Here I got a takeaway pasta for $11.70 ($13 normally but with the 10% discount, I got $1.30 off my meal. Here the pasta was al dente but there was too much sauce. I had the spinach and cheese ravioli which was quite nice. It had lots of veg in there.

Because it was nice and sunny outside (it was a spring day with no rain), I enjoyed the goods in the park nearby whilst watching the dogs play. It was really fun there

Do order off menulog if you have no time.

Week two of the Marathon training by Akira

This week was a little bit harder for myself and Katherine. First of all Katherine had PMS and water retention issues and then there was the thought of hayfever.


Katherine did two long trails. One was on Cup Day whilst others were getting smashed with the champagne. Afterwards for a recovery there was a picnic.

Then on Thursday we attended a seminar run by South Yarra Sports Clinic. They were really helpful and they gave everyone some ggood advice about eating right and core work. We also came away with samples from Isowhey and lots of core exercises such as planking for one minute. I mean we do some planking but not much. One exercise that we loved is the crab walking. We can do that whilst waiting for the tram. We can also do lunges as well.

They also said to do easy runs for about 80% of the week and 20% hard runs for the rest of the week. We should also mix that up as well but we find that the track gets a lot easier for the marathon if we try and stick to the same bits such as the beach part and the corners.

Corners are not our major strength. In fact they are a weakness and we have been trying to get good at them without any luck. It takes a lot of patience to get there.


But on Sunday it was a little bit easier and we had Subway just before the run. We had an egg wrap and orange juice. This was not such a great idea as Katherine had bladder issues in the first three miles. She felt too full and needed the loo.  Then after that we were fine and finished the 15 mile run within 2.5 hours.

Week one of Melbourne Marathon training for 2017

Here we are again at week one of Melbourne Marathon training for 2017. I know that this is soooo far away but there are so many elements to get right for this race. I want to (and aim to) do the 42 km race which is known to be a lot harder. One of them is nutrition. At the last marathon we almost got that right and then we saw people bonk and go to the hospital at the end of their 42 km race.

Bonking is where you hit that wall due to low levels of energy. Also people went to the hospital because they got so dehydrated at the end. Most people finished within 5 hours.

Finished 12 kms within 1:40 hrs at Brighton Beach and St Kilda.  Which means that I took off ten minutes. This is due to no periods and a flatter course and no lines and stomach growls. This time I tried some lollies in training and all went well.