The City 2 Surf 2016 and why you should fundraise for us

This year we are taking on the City 2 surf on November 20th and are doing the 15km run. At the Melbourne Marathon we finished the 21 km run in three hours. Not bad for a first time.


Here we are raising money for the Couch which is one of the Salvation army’s programs to benefit international students who are facing homelessness. The Salvation Army is an all inclusive group of people and people volunteer at the Hamodava cafe which also helps International students as well as the general homeless. Out on the streets we see a lot of the homeless people begging for money and some of them ride the trams and the trains for free. So far it is reported that 247 people are homeless, the worst that Melbourne has so far.

Visitors such as International students and others who come to Melbourne are shocked to see homeless people on the streets. Melbourne is supposed to be the world’s liveable city but where is the liveability in all that?

Night after the night the homeless are stooped in the doorways of many businesses and apartments. They do threaten the local businesses who are trying to do trade.

We came to the Salvos in 2013 to help International students to find their feet. There, there were lots of other opportunities to help the homeless find their feet again. I was there in 2009 and I recommended the Hamadova cafe to Katherine  and there she visited.

Do donate to the Salvos and you can do so here. They are really all inclusive of all genders and they are stretched to the limit.


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