Roll’d is a chain store in Australia where they have bhanh mi, rice paper rolls and other Vietnamese items.

Depending on the store- staff can be rude or friendly. When a new store opens there are some free rolls or pho and crackers to entice customers

Here their quality of the product has been on and off depending on what you order and where you go. I have had their rice paper rolls and the barrumundi is the worst one seeing as it is always dry and flavourless. But having said that I do like the garlic prawns one as it is always flavoursome. The tofu one is just in the middle although I did not like the low carb options- they were waaay too bland. The tofu one can either dry or very bland depending on when they were made

I had their bun with rice at Southbank in Melbourne and I really like this as the rice is always good. Their sweet potato chips are the bomb. Here they are crispy and crunchy.

Do visit Roll’d for a healthier lunch and dinner option

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