Week 16 of the Melbourne Marathon

wp_20161005_20_09_35_proThis week I am so excited yet so nervous. This week I attended a meditation class on Overcoming Anxieties by Gen Dorriying. This lecture was just what I needed just before the race. I even convinced one person to sign up to City to Sea with me. He was really anxious as I was.

Slept better this week too which helped overcome my anxieties.

My Hayfever was ok. It was manageable due to the cold days and less winds.

Did a training run around the Albert Park Lake. This was so hard I don’t know how I’ll cope with this on race day but I’ll get there somehow. I’ll keep trying again seeing as I will have to do this for the City to surf.

Did go to the Around the Bay expo and now I know that the Melbourne Marathon festival is the same thing. Except there is no booze bar. However there are food and sports stalls. Cheered a lot of the bikers on and I would love them to do the same thing in the marathon.



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