Week 15 of the Melbourne Marathon by Katherine

This week we really studied the course. Have done a lap of St Kilda road with no problems. I know I have run the Albert park lake before and its a little bit hilly and very tight. I just know that I will have to run this part for both City to Sea and Melbourne Marathon. I just hope that our 21.1km wires don’t get tangled with the 42 km people as we share that part of the course.


The Hayfever really started getting to me. This was not too bad but it was itchy eyes and a stuffy nose. But I had my Claryntine with me and it was all fine due to some not so sunny days.

Have learnt to eat more food in preparation for the race itself. Now I need to make sure that the calories is 2000 per day. One of my toughest challenges is lack of sleep due to lack of calories, late drinks (only one glass of wine or a tasting) etc. Hence I really struggled with the timing. But in the end I got there.

Sunday was daylight saving and it was really hard to get used to. I burned about 1096 calories whilst running a 15.20 km track and walking a 10.5km track would have been about 400 calories. Whilst I may not have wanted to do the running on Sunday at 11am (my body still thought it was 10am) hence the metabolism might have gone just a tad bit faster. However throughout the course I longed for some food and I forgot to bring some. But at the end was rewarded with it at the MCG Open day.

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