Fit Bit app by Akira

This is only for people with the Fit bit. This app is really easy to use and it tracks your exercise. Here it will tell you how many calories you have burnt throughout.¬† The app synchronises the Fit bit so you’ll know when the battery is low. It is easy to use. When you signContinue reading “Fit Bit app by Akira”


Our day out in Williamstown

It was a really nice sunny day and to take a break from the marathon training, we decided to head out to Williamstown Beach. Easiest way to get there was by train which is what we did but we also wanted to experience the ferry. The ferry service was $20 into the city. Normally itContinue reading “Our day out in Williamstown”

Melbourne Marathon Q+As by Akira

This year’s Melbourne Marathon was the first half marathon for Katherine and the first 10 k for me. I asked Katherine a few questions seeing as the half marathon is what many people do and what they struggle with. How did you feel in the days leading up to race day? Excited and nervous. IContinue reading “Melbourne Marathon Q+As by Akira”


Noisette is a French bakery in Port Melbourne. Here they do the finest bread and I have been to the one in Prahran Market. Because I am on the quit sugar month I could not have any of that sweet stuff. So instead with my Scoopon I bought a loaf of raisin bread for peopleContinue reading “Noisette”

Week 16 of the Melbourne Marathon

This week I am so excited yet so nervous. This week I attended a meditation class on Overcoming Anxieties by Gen Dorriying. This lecture was just what I needed just before the race. I even convinced one person to sign up to City to Sea with me. He was really anxious as I was. SleptContinue reading “Week 16 of the Melbourne Marathon”

New September finds

Here are some new foodie finds for September Julie’s Oat Biscuits Julie is a Malaysian company but they have just released their oat cookies into Melbourne and I got some at the latest games. Here they were not too sweet and we enjoyed them Tommy Collins Small Batch range   I received this range atContinue reading “New September finds”

Week 15 of the Melbourne Marathon by Katherine

This¬†week we really studied the course. Have done a lap of St Kilda road with no problems. I know I have run the Albert park lake before and its a little bit hilly and very tight. I just know that I will have to run this part for both City to Sea and Melbourne Marathon.Continue reading “Week 15 of the Melbourne Marathon by Katherine”

Sugar free September 2016

Have you ever wanted to lose weight? If so then a month of no sugar might be good for you. We report on our month of being Sugar free. Yes we did want the odd sweet treat here and there but our body thanked us for not having sugar. We discovered that all those sugarContinue reading “Sugar free September 2016”

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