Fit Bit app by Akira

This is only for people with the Fit bit. This app is really easy to use and it tracks your exercise. Here it will tell you how many calories you have burnt throughout.  The app synchronises the Fit bit so you’ll know when the battery is low.

It is easy to use. When you sign up to Fitbit it will automatically sync your devices. You just need to enter your fitbit type in there and then it will show your fitness info.


App by

You can log your sleep and food in there. This is good for people that don’t get enough sleep. As adults you need about 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

The app also has maps of the walking trails. When you track your exercise you’ll see the map itself as it acts as a GPS.

I got the Fitbit as a gift. They come in a multitude of styles and colours and you can buy yours from all good electronic retailers for about $149 each.

Our day out in Williamstown

It was a really nice sunny day and to take a break from the marathon training, we decided to head out to Williamstown Beach. Easiest way to get there was by train which is what we did but we also wanted to experience the ferry.

The ferry service was $20 into the city. Normally it is $22 but we bought ours online entitling us to a 10% discount. The ferry is huge and there were some good views of the sea. The ride into the city was 45 mins and we did enjoy that. There is tea and coffee on board some services for passengers.

The last trip from Scienceworks into the city was great and we enjoyed sitting outside and feeling the seabreeze.

We enjoyed waiting for the ferry by the pier as it was a nice sunny day and it was lovely to smell the seabreezes and see all the boats go by.

The ice cream at the Ice cream shoppe in Williamstown was great. Here I had the apple gelato and the limenetto. They really know how to make their ice creams since they have won a few awards at this years Royal Melbourne show. Like other ice creameries they are cash only.

Do come to Williamstown on a lovely sunny day to explore the town.

The City 2 Surf 2016 and why you should fundraise for us

This year we are taking on the City 2 surf on November 20th and are doing the 15km run. At the Melbourne Marathon we finished the 21 km run in three hours. Not bad for a first time.


Here we are raising money for the Couch which is one of the Salvation army’s programs to benefit international students who are facing homelessness. The Salvation Army is an all inclusive group of people and people volunteer at the Hamodava cafe which also helps International students as well as the general homeless. Out on the streets we see a lot of the homeless people begging for money and some of them ride the trams and the trains for free. So far it is reported that 247 people are homeless, the worst that Melbourne has so far.

Visitors such as International students and others who come to Melbourne are shocked to see homeless people on the streets. Melbourne is supposed to be the world’s liveable city but where is the liveability in all that?

Night after the night the homeless are stooped in the doorways of many businesses and apartments. They do threaten the local businesses who are trying to do trade.

We came to the Salvos in 2013 to help International students to find their feet. There, there were lots of other opportunities to help the homeless find their feet again. I was there in 2009 and I recommended the Hamadova cafe to Katherine  and there she visited.

Do donate to the Salvos and you can do so here. They are really all inclusive of all genders and they are stretched to the limit.


Melbourne Marathon Q+As by Akira

This year’s Melbourne Marathon was the first half marathon for Katherine and the first 10 k for me. I asked Katherine a few questions seeing as the half marathon is what many people do and what they struggle with.

How did you feel in the days leading up to race day?

Excited and nervous. I imagined finishing but was nervous at the crowd numbers. This year alone there was about 11000 people doing the half marathon and about 7000 doing the full one

What nutrition advice do you have for first timers?

Do eat a lot of good food. One way to keep track of your food intake is through myfitnesspal. Drink lots of water and finish strong. Eat lots and lots of good carbs in the days leading up to the race. As a female you need lots more iron and fats for hormonal stuff such as periods.

Don’t try anything new a few days before the race due to GI issues and nerves

A lot of marathoners and some halves crash at the end and need the paramedics because they have not eaten enough.

Talk us through about race day morning and the start line.

Getting to the start line at the MCG is hard as there is not much public transport on Sundays. On race day itself there are too many people looking lost as they have not planned ahead. The course map and the start line is up on the website usually a month or two beforehand so people should study this and try and find out where the race will be. In the weeks ahead I would try and do some practice runs so that I know where to go on the morning itself.

Waking up on a Sunday is hard enough as it is. So what I do on the Sundays leading up to the race is train for it on the Yarra trail, taking the train.

I usually try new breakfasts if I can on those Sundays as well as the gels as it is my long run days.

As for the loo line try and hydrate about 1-2 hours before the race and go to the loo at the train station where there is no line. Also in practice try and practice peeing behind the tree and get used to others seeing you.

What are some mistakes that you made in the last three months of training? List everything you have.

I have made a fair few. One was on the timing of the trainings. I have underestimated this a fair bit. Even though I got there I expected too much of myself too soon.

The other one is on money. I didn’t know that there would be so many costs from food, race entry, supplements, clothes and accessories. At one point I nearly didn’t have enough to live on during due to buying all of this stuff for my first race

Speaking of costs how much did you spend on training and everything to do with race day?

Broken down (during the last three months)

Food: $1200

Supplements: $500 (hydration included in this where it was fat burning tea, aloe and other things)

Clothes: $30

Shoes: $30 (normally $180)

Race Entry: $120

Coaching: $60 for a yearly membership.

Editors note: Most of the clothes were given by our good friends and family members hence we didn’t have to buy a lot. And its the same for the shoes. I had one really good pair when I first started.


Noisette is a French bakery in Port Melbourne. Here they do the finest bread and I have been to the one in Prahran Market. Because I am on the quit sugar month I could not have any of that sweet stuff. So instead with my Scoopon I bought a loaf of raisin bread for people as well as a salted caramel pod for someone.

The Scoopon was $8 for $15 to spend.


The bathrooms are just behind the counter and they are clean. The service there was very friendly and the lady smiled. There is an eat in area.

The bad was great and it was not too sweet. Here it was thick to cut and it still stayed fresh in the fridge after a week. But boy it was heavy to carry.

Do come to Noisette for your baked goods.


Roll’d is a chain store in Australia where they have bhanh mi, rice paper rolls and other Vietnamese items.

Depending on the store- staff can be rude or friendly. When a new store opens there are some free rolls or pho and crackers to entice customers

Here their quality of the product has been on and off depending on what you order and where you go. I have had their rice paper rolls and the barrumundi is the worst one seeing as it is always dry and flavourless. But having said that I do like the garlic prawns one as it is always flavoursome. The tofu one is just in the middle although I did not like the low carb options- they were waaay too bland. The tofu one can either dry or very bland depending on when they were made

I had their bun with rice at Southbank in Melbourne and I really like this as the rice is always good. Their sweet potato chips are the bomb. Here they are crispy and crunchy.

Do visit Roll’d for a healthier lunch and dinner option

Week 16 of the Melbourne Marathon

wp_20161005_20_09_35_proThis week I am so excited yet so nervous. This week I attended a meditation class on Overcoming Anxieties by Gen Dorriying. This lecture was just what I needed just before the race. I even convinced one person to sign up to City to Sea with me. He was really anxious as I was.

Slept better this week too which helped overcome my anxieties.

My Hayfever was ok. It was manageable due to the cold days and less winds.

Did a training run around the Albert Park Lake. This was so hard I don’t know how I’ll cope with this on race day but I’ll get there somehow. I’ll keep trying again seeing as I will have to do this for the City to surf.

Did go to the Around the Bay expo and now I know that the Melbourne Marathon festival is the same thing. Except there is no booze bar. However there are food and sports stalls. Cheered a lot of the bikers on and I would love them to do the same thing in the marathon.



New September finds

Here are some new foodie finds for September

Julie’s Oat Biscuits


Julie is a Malaysian company but they have just released their oat cookies into Melbourne and I got some at the latest games. Here they were not too sweet and we enjoyed them

Tommy Collins Small Batch range



I received this range at Schmucks courtesy of Schmucks at their bagel invite. We also enjoyed these healthy but flavoursome chips.

John West’s new fiery tuna

It has been on the market now for some time but I only just found it last week. These tasted really good and healthy with the avocado chips that I bought. Here I had the jalepino and it was mildly spicy.

It also comes in fiery chilli


The revamped South Melbourne Market

Here the market has many new stalls such as the borek shop. All the boreks are $3-$5 and are just as good as queen Vic market. There is a butter and full cream milk shop replacing fritz. Here they have samples of butter and milk for you to fry

Week 15 of the Melbourne Marathon by Katherine

This week we really studied the course. Have done a lap of St Kilda road with no problems. I know I have run the Albert park lake before and its a little bit hilly and very tight. I just know that I will have to run this part for both City to Sea and Melbourne Marathon. I just hope that our 21.1km wires don’t get tangled with the 42 km people as we share that part of the course.


The Hayfever really started getting to me. This was not too bad but it was itchy eyes and a stuffy nose. But I had my Claryntine with me and it was all fine due to some not so sunny days.

Have learnt to eat more food in preparation for the race itself. Now I need to make sure that the calories is 2000 per day. One of my toughest challenges is lack of sleep due to lack of calories, late drinks (only one glass of wine or a tasting) etc. Hence I really struggled with the timing. But in the end I got there.

Sunday was daylight saving and it was really hard to get used to. I burned about 1096 calories whilst running a 15.20 km track and walking a 10.5km track would have been about 400 calories. Whilst I may not have wanted to do the running on Sunday at 11am (my body still thought it was 10am) hence the metabolism might have gone just a tad bit faster. However throughout the course I longed for some food and I forgot to bring some. But at the end was rewarded with it at the MCG Open day.

Sugar free September 2016

Have you ever wanted to lose weight? If so then a month of no sugar might be good for you. We report on our month of being Sugar free. Yes we did want the odd sweet treat here and there but our body thanked us for not having sugar.


We discovered that all those sugar cravings were due to either a lack of good nutrients or water. On the odd occasion we wanted a  lemonade or two but we didn’t give into those cravings.

Oh and of course we still had our homemade sugar free desserts such as tofu cheesecake. we had fruits too and that was alright. But we skipped the free muffins at the free breakfasts and instead had plain yoghurt or other snacks on offer.


The outcome of that was a 2% in body fat decreased and 0.5 kg of muscle added. The hydration stayed the same pretty much throughout.

If this is on again next year I suggest you do it as it is easy to do. It is easy to replace sugary stuff with water or other savoury homemade snacks.