Week 14 of the marathon by Akira

The last week Katherine did 17 kms on Yarra Bend trail with a finish time of 2 and a half hours. This is not bad for a first time seeing as there are hills.


We both went to Crosbie Crew lecture on Wednesday. The lecture was fun and it a lot of insights on what to expect for the group is all about and the training sessions. They train six days a week at 6pm mainly and 9am on the weekends. They also mentioned that they are for everyone but to cover the costs of training at the Tan they charge everyone $60 for the year (its equivilant to $65 for the Entertainment book for one year).

We also ate Foxes den’s salad which was yum.

Tuesday struggled to hit 18 km mark due to having to cross so many roads and Katherine eating too much msg just before the start line of training. Hence the sluggish and slow feel of the race.

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