ASEAN Games and why you should join next year’s one

The ASEAN games is on every year at MSAC and it costs about $50-$60 AUD to play. Some of that  money goes towards cash prizes and paying the venue. However participants had to buy their own food as they did not have enough money to cover that. However that being said there was a goody bag full of Malaysian delights. These delights were yummy and many like the Julie biscuits were really addictive.

I went to the café later on at around about 3pm and gosh the salads were so expensive. But the wedges were priced reasonably but they lacked a lot of salt. You order and pay at the counter and they will call your order out.

There are about nine different sports for you and in  August when you register you can pick your sport.

Here it was fun to watch the teams playing basketball and badminton. There was a lot of roaring going on and the volunteer Dan did a great job refereeing the team.

In basketball the dark coloured team was the best one. The older referee was really great. This referee had good manners and some great stamina. At first I thought he worked for MSAC as in past years there has been a lot of Asian referees.

On a more sour note there were people eating inside the sports stadiums and halls which is not allowed. Perhaps for next year they might want to monitor that and kick people out as I know that MSAC has a strict no eating policy.

And also I’d like there to be a long distance race say 15km, 21km and 42 km and students race all over Melbourne and the Yarra trail. At the end they do one big loop at Albert park lake and it ends with a BBQ if its a nice day. At e BBQ I’d like to have skewers, nasi lemak, soto, biryani, bee hoon and tomato rice. They could do the cooking the day before at Malaysia Hall.

Do sign up for next year’s race.

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