Melbourne Marathon training: week 13

Akira’s ribs are still broken so me (Katherine) again.

My iron’s a lot lower now. Now I am getting 20-35% of recommended daily iron which is not good. In the past weeks I felt really lethargic because of the low iron levels. I didn’t get it checked out by a doctor but I checked it myself on myfitnesspal.

The new shoes from last week are fine. Here I can run really well in those. But they get dirty really easily. Can do 17km in just 2.5 hours. This is not bad for a first timer like myself. This time I burnt around 726 calories running and walking (a little bit) of the main Yarra trail from Rushall back to Southbank. I thought that I could not do it at this rate but I have seen people finish in under 3 hours at the Medibank marathon.

The only problem is my bone density is a little bit low. Normally I am a 2.2kg but now its 2.1kg. I have just had a very heavy period. I have also lost 2kgs in muscle. WTF!!! This week I didn’t do a lot of stretches. In the past week I have had a few small (not to worry about) stress fractures in my shin bones. This is the type that runners get. That just means that I have to up the calories in time for the race.

But then I did Zumba on Sunday and it was all fine. Zumba is a low intensity dancing workout. In fact I had a lot of food on Sunday and my small stress fracture seemed to go down a bit. I went to Kitty Burns for a coffee and then I went to the Mid Autumn festival and had lots of food there.


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