Week 12 of Melbourne marathon training

I still have my broken ribs so cannot move much. So I am going to let Katherine do the talking.


This week I have managed to do a lot of strength exercises although it is hard to fit them in. I have done some at the tram stop whilst waiting for the tram and people have given me a fair few weird looks. Oh well when the marathon comes around they will be suffering in pain and I will not. And their form would not be as good as mine.

Speaking of which my muscle mass has gone up by 0.6kg

Speaking of which my form and my paces are improving. When I first started running in March I was the slowest and unfit person. I used to run at 12 mins per km. Now I run at 7 -9 mins per km. But still there is work to be done before I can hit the 5 min per km mark. The hills at Yarra Trail are getting a little bit easier although I sometimes struggle to run up those hills. I guess it is possibly due to lack of carbs.

Bought new shoes which is great. I got them at AMART sports and it was on special for $32 which is quite a good bargain since good running shoes is always more expensive at like $150 a pop. I  haven’t tried them yet- will do next week



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