Melbourne Uni farmers market by Akira

This farmers market happens every Wednesday and people flock to it for the fresh foods and sometimes wine. This week they also had sweets which I could not have due to the Sugar free month. They had scones and cakes.

And they also had cute dogs to play with. I tried the samples for the sauces and apples.


Here I bought chicken teriyaki with kimchi from Kimu Japanese eatery. This was alright. The rice was too soft and the chicken was a little bit overcooked. But the egg was alright. But the wait was a little bit long as the market was so busy.


With the apples I bought for Shape up we made a Apple pie smoothie which is new to their menu. Here this has nutmeg, cinamon, vanilla shake, protein powder, half an apple and water. This was a little bit too nutmeg but next time they will turn down the nutmeg. Do come to Shape up and try some for yourself.

The apples from the market were really sweet.

Do come by and try for yourself. They are open every Wednesday during the uni semester from 10:30am-2:30pmish outside Union House. Any tram heading up north will take you to Faraday st entrance and there will be signs to direct you there.

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