Invita is at the Victoria Market in the organics section. Here they are an organic cafe which features a lot of vegetables and good fats. As a runner you need a lot of good fats and if you are a female you need lots more of this stuff.


I have been here a few times and found their service to be courteous and lovely. But they have been a bit slow at times with my food. Still my food always tastes great. I have always loved their eggs. Some people think that it is on the blandish side but this is what my mother makes at home usually when we have it on the odd occasion.  Except she is out of town. The eggs went well with the Haloumi which is always salty. The guy on the table next to me could have ordered haloumi to go with it.

My egg dish costed me $17.50 ($3 extra for the haloumi).

I have ordered juice once which was freshly squeezed. This was also organic.

Once I had a rice ball for lunch- this was very healthy and filling.

Do come on by for your health goodness in the market.

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