Lets move 365: The Sunday Art market

The Sunday market is on every Sunday from 10am-4pm and its free. It is outside the Art Centre and its a must see for all tourists and everyone alike. Most people come here with their kids as they have some really cool kids stuff such as juggling balls at $20 for a set of three. Other things are the make your own necklace at $10 and the make your own broach set at the same price.

We have been going there for years and everytime it has gotten a wee bit smaller. But the Dutch pancakes guy is still there and he’s now charging the proffetjies without ice cream or cream for $7 (ice cream or cream is now an extra $1- it used to be included). It was $6 but they included the ice cream at no extra cost. Now there is an arepa and gozleme stall.

The stallholders seem to get stricter and stricter about photos. Why is that? We used to be able to take lots and lots of photos of stuff but what happened?

Well if they would love tourists to stick around then they need not be so strict on the photos and more stalls please if you can.

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