Some interesting August food and health finds

Hi guys here are some of this months finds. Beware some of them are not so healthy.


Red rock deli chips

These were $4 at 7/11 but I got them on a Tuesday where I got a coffee free for the homeless. We are raising money to help the homeless this October so do donate to our cause.

The chips in itself was like the salt and vinegar ones except they were much more addictive and acidic. These are about 200 calories.



Sticky rice roll with pork inside and spicy daikon at Mr Kitchen.

This is the first time that they came to Mr Kitchen. I had never seen them before. But I got to mention that they are fingerlickingly good though. However they are sweet from the pork floss.


Black and Gold branded items at Royal Supermarket

This is a new supermarket at the Royal Childrens Hospital and it is rare to see black and gold branded items. They used to be Woolworths but were discontinued in early 2000’s and they used to be at all the Franklin grocery stores. Here they are super cheap.

Streetsmart coffee campaign

Every first Friday in August is Streetsmart day where $1 per coffee sold at participating places goes towards the homeless people. I got my coffee at Deganis.


Chobani’s new low fat yoghurt

Its only got 2% fat and I found it at Woolies. Here it had a lot of sugar in it. It was a pineapple flavoured one.



Double Brie cheese also from Woolies

THis was $4.39 for a block forĀ one. Here it was very creamy and nice and it was gone in a flash. My housemates stole most of it.WP_20160809_17_10_48_Pro



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