Premier’s Active April by Akira

Premier’s Active April was on a few months ago and I took part in it. Here I did many things such as gym at the Melbourne City Baths, Open day and more. I also went walking. Gym at the Melbourne City baths was free.

At the City baths they stamped your card and gave you a locker key. Normally membership is roughly $50 per fortnight. And then you can swim or go to the gym. There was an open day where people learned a lot and got a few free snacks.


Here it was easy to enter the results, but sometimes I forgot. There were prizes to be won such as a gym membership. But I really went in there for the fun. And fun I had. Here I did lots of bicycling whilst listening to music. I burnt up to 300 calories each time. I used to be able to do more but these bicycles were a little bit different.InstagramCapture_affe5b0a-1978-412c-b2d4-e12145fe2fcb

Entering the results was easy. All you had to do was hop online and register and then each day you enter in how much or how little you did everything. There were free fitclubs and classes.

Do next years one if there is and you’ll reap the rewards of a better you.


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