Week 14 of the marathon by Akira

The last week Katherine did 17 kms on Yarra Bend trail with a finish time of 2 and a half hours. This is not bad for a first time seeing as there are hills.   We both went to Crosbie Crew lecture on Wednesday. The lecture was fun and it a lot of insights on whatContinue reading “Week 14 of the marathon by Akira”


What to bring to Melbourne for the marathon

Are you coming to the Melbourne Marathon and don’t know what to bring to Melbourne for that weekend? Here’s a list of all the things that you will need in Melbourne You’ll need: Your comfy pj’s- Melbourne is known to be cool at night Your drink bottle- you will need this for the race. OnContinue reading “What to bring to Melbourne for the marathon”

ASEAN Games and why you should join next year’s one

The ASEAN games is on every year at MSAC and it costs about $50-$60 AUD to play. Some of that  money goes towards cash prizes and paying the venue. However participants had to buy their own food as they did not have enough money to cover that. However that being said there was a goodyContinue reading “ASEAN Games and why you should join next year’s one”

Melbourne Marathon training: week 13

Akira’s ribs are still broken so me (Katherine) again. My iron’s a lot lower now. Now I am getting 20-35% of recommended daily iron which is not good. In the past weeks I felt really lethargic because of the low iron levels. I didn’t get it checked out by a doctor but I checked itContinue reading “Melbourne Marathon training: week 13”

Melbourne Uni farmers market by Akira

This farmers market happens every Wednesday and people flock to it for the fresh foods and sometimes wine. This week they also had sweets which I could not have due to the Sugar free month. They had scones and cakes. And they also had cute dogs to play with. I tried the samples for theContinue reading “Melbourne Uni farmers market by Akira”

Week 12 of Melbourne marathon training

I still have my broken ribs so cannot move much. So I am going to let Katherine do the talking. This week I have managed to do a lot of strength exercises although it is hard to fit them in. I have done some at the tram stop whilst waiting for the tram and peopleContinue reading “Week 12 of Melbourne marathon training”

Lets move 365: The Sunday Art market

The Sunday market is on every Sunday from 10am-4pm and its free. It is outside the Art Centre and its a must see for all tourists and everyone alike. Most people come here with their kids as they have some really cool kids stuff such as juggling balls at $20 for a set of three.Continue reading “Lets move 365: The Sunday Art market”

Voost Hydration tablets by Akira

I got these Voost Hydration tablets from Go Vita in the city. They are a vitamin C and iron absorbion tablet which is good for the ladies and their menstrual period. As females it is said that we lose a lot more iron then men do in running.   You simply take one a day andContinue reading “Voost Hydration tablets by Akira”

Week 11- a new week and the first week of Spring by Akira

This week is the first week of Spring which means that it is hayfever season. Here I have been getting itchy eyes and runny nose. So far my Clarityne liquid capsules has worked well. I have managed to train on days where there is not much pollen around. Last week I even went around the YarraContinue reading “Week 11- a new week and the first week of Spring by Akira”

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