Week 14 of the marathon by Akira

The last week Katherine did 17 kms on Yarra Bend trail with a finish time of 2 and a half hours. This is not bad for a first time seeing as there are hills.


We both went to Crosbie Crew lecture on Wednesday. The lecture was fun and it a lot of insights on what to expect for the group is all about and the training sessions. They train six days a week at 6pm mainly and 9am on the weekends. They also mentioned that they are for everyone but to cover the costs of training at the Tan they charge everyone $60 for the year (its equivilant to $65 for the Entertainment book for one year).

We also ate Foxes den’s salad which was yum.

Tuesday struggled to hit 18 km mark due to having to cross so many roads and Katherine eating too much msg just before the start line of training. Hence the sluggish and slow feel of the race.

What to bring to Melbourne for the marathon

Are you coming to the Melbourne Marathon and don’t know what to bring to Melbourne for that weekend? Here’s a list of all the things that you will need in Melbourne

You’ll need:

Your comfy pj’s- Melbourne is known to be cool at night

Your drink bottle- you will need this for the race. On course there is water and drinks but not much of it. As for me I like to know what I’m drinking.

A small bag of toiletries- you don’t need a lot and Melbourne has many stores in where you can buy a few things

Energy gels- you only need about two or three. There are a few health food shops that sell the gels, but bring your own just in case as many of the stores might not be open on weekends

Toilet paper for the run-you can buy toilet paper in Melbourne or bring some from home

Safety pins- for your bib that is. But if you forget you can always buy them at Daiso which is $2.80 and there are two stores in the city: QV and Flinders st.

Socks and underwear- 3-5 changes is plenty. But if you are staying for the week then more would be a great idea

Protein bars and shakes- Melbourne will have plenty but they might not have your brand. Some of the health food stores might not be open on the weekend

Runners- make sure that you are comfortable in them. You don’t want blisters on your foot.

A change of clothes or two- maybe a nice pair of jeans and top for going out to dinner

Camera- to take photos

Your supplements- the chemist might not have your preferred supplement.

Tampons and pads if you are a lady- we have lots of brands at the chemist and supermarket but we may not have your brand in Melbourne (especially if you are an overseas visitor).

Money and credit cards- don’t forget the travellers cheques if you are from overseas.

A mobile phone

A previously owned MYKI if you have. Otherwise a new one is $6 and then there is all the hassle of topping it up.

Insurance- in case something goes wrong or if you lose a bag.

Tablets- We have plenty of brands here but you might be more comfortable to use your own. Just bring enough for the length of stay in Melbourne.

An iPad would be useful but make sure that you don’t lose it.


You don’t need

  • Food- Melbourne has plenty of cuisines to suit your budget. In most cases food from other countries is not allowed.
  • Water- we have lots. There are lots of free taps all over the city and the place that you are staying at might have some
  • Towels- the hotel will have one. Just a small one to wipe your face is fine.
  • Bedding- the hotels have plenty but you might want to bring a sheet or two
  • Laundry powder- we have laundromats and the supermarkets will stock some if your hotel has a machine in each room.
  • House keys- one less thing to worry about losing.  Get a family member or a relative to look after your keys if you can. Get them to drop you off at the airport. Then parking would be one less thing to worry about. Keys is another one less thing to worry about at the security line.
  • Scissors- another less thing to worry about at the airport security. Your hotel might have scissors
  • Knifes and utensils- we have lots here. And your

ASEAN Games and why you should join next year’s one

The ASEAN games is on every year at MSAC and it costs about $50-$60 AUD to play. Some of that  money goes towards cash prizes and paying the venue. However participants had to buy their own food as they did not have enough money to cover that. However that being said there was a goody bag full of Malaysian delights. These delights were yummy and many like the Julie biscuits were really addictive.

I went to the café later on at around about 3pm and gosh the salads were so expensive. But the wedges were priced reasonably but they lacked a lot of salt. You order and pay at the counter and they will call your order out.

There are about nine different sports for you and in  August when you register you can pick your sport.

Here it was fun to watch the teams playing basketball and badminton. There was a lot of roaring going on and the volunteer Dan did a great job refereeing the team.

In basketball the dark coloured team was the best one. The older referee was really great. This referee had good manners and some great stamina. At first I thought he worked for MSAC as in past years there has been a lot of Asian referees.

On a more sour note there were people eating inside the sports stadiums and halls which is not allowed. Perhaps for next year they might want to monitor that and kick people out as I know that MSAC has a strict no eating policy.

And also I’d like there to be a long distance race say 15km, 21km and 42 km and students race all over Melbourne and the Yarra trail. At the end they do one big loop at Albert park lake and it ends with a BBQ if its a nice day. At e BBQ I’d like to have skewers, nasi lemak, soto, biryani, bee hoon and tomato rice. They could do the cooking the day before at Malaysia Hall.

Do sign up for next year’s race.

Melbourne Marathon training: week 13

Akira’s ribs are still broken so me (Katherine) again.

My iron’s a lot lower now. Now I am getting 20-35% of recommended daily iron which is not good. In the past weeks I felt really lethargic because of the low iron levels. I didn’t get it checked out by a doctor but I checked it myself on myfitnesspal.

The new shoes from last week are fine. Here I can run really well in those. But they get dirty really easily. Can do 17km in just 2.5 hours. This is not bad for a first timer like myself. This time I burnt around 726 calories running and walking (a little bit) of the main Yarra trail from Rushall back to Southbank. I thought that I could not do it at this rate but I have seen people finish in under 3 hours at the Medibank marathon.

The only problem is my bone density is a little bit low. Normally I am a 2.2kg but now its 2.1kg. I have just had a very heavy period. I have also lost 2kgs in muscle. WTF!!! This week I didn’t do a lot of stretches. In the past week I have had a few small (not to worry about) stress fractures in my shin bones. This is the type that runners get. That just means that I have to up the calories in time for the race.

But then I did Zumba on Sunday and it was all fine. Zumba is a low intensity dancing workout. In fact I had a lot of food on Sunday and my small stress fracture seemed to go down a bit. I went to Kitty Burns for a coffee and then I went to the Mid Autumn festival and had lots of food there.



Invita is at the Victoria Market in the organics section. Here they are an organic cafe which features a lot of vegetables and good fats. As a runner you need a lot of good fats and if you are a female you need lots more of this stuff.


I have been here a few times and found their service to be courteous and lovely. But they have been a bit slow at times with my food. Still my food always tastes great. I have always loved their eggs. Some people think that it is on the blandish side but this is what my mother makes at home usually when we have it on the odd occasion.  Except she is out of town. The eggs went well with the Haloumi which is always salty. The guy on the table next to me could have ordered haloumi to go with it.

My egg dish costed me $17.50 ($3 extra for the haloumi).

I have ordered juice once which was freshly squeezed. This was also organic.

Once I had a rice ball for lunch- this was very healthy and filling.

Do come on by for your health goodness in the market.

Melbourne Uni farmers market by Akira

This farmers market happens every Wednesday and people flock to it for the fresh foods and sometimes wine. This week they also had sweets which I could not have due to the Sugar free month. They had scones and cakes.

And they also had cute dogs to play with. I tried the samples for the sauces and apples.


Here I bought chicken teriyaki with kimchi from Kimu Japanese eatery. This was alright. The rice was too soft and the chicken was a little bit overcooked. But the egg was alright. But the wait was a little bit long as the market was so busy.


With the apples I bought for Shape up we made a Apple pie smoothie which is new to their menu. Here this has nutmeg, cinamon, vanilla shake, protein powder, half an apple and water. This was a little bit too nutmeg but next time they will turn down the nutmeg. Do come to Shape up and try some for yourself.

The apples from the market were really sweet.

Do come by and try for yourself. They are open every Wednesday during the uni semester from 10:30am-2:30pmish outside Union House. Any tram heading up north will take you to Faraday st entrance and there will be signs to direct you there.

Week 12 of Melbourne marathon training

I still have my broken ribs so cannot move much. So I am going to let Katherine do the talking.


This week I have managed to do a lot of strength exercises although it is hard to fit them in. I have done some at the tram stop whilst waiting for the tram and people have given me a fair few weird looks. Oh well when the marathon comes around they will be suffering in pain and I will not. And their form would not be as good as mine.

Speaking of which my muscle mass has gone up by 0.6kg

Speaking of which my form and my paces are improving. When I first started running in March I was the slowest and unfit person. I used to run at 12 mins per km. Now I run at 7 -9 mins per km. But still there is work to be done before I can hit the 5 min per km mark. The hills at Yarra Trail are getting a little bit easier although I sometimes struggle to run up those hills. I guess it is possibly due to lack of carbs.

Bought new shoes which is great. I got them at AMART sports and it was on special for $32 which is quite a good bargain since good running shoes is always more expensive at like $150 a pop. I  haven’t tried them yet- will do next week


Lets move 365: The Sunday Art market

The Sunday market is on every Sunday from 10am-4pm and its free. It is outside the Art Centre and its a must see for all tourists and everyone alike. Most people come here with their kids as they have some really cool kids stuff such as juggling balls at $20 for a set of three. Other things are the make your own necklace at $10 and the make your own broach set at the same price.

We have been going there for years and everytime it has gotten a wee bit smaller. But the Dutch pancakes guy is still there and he’s now charging the proffetjies without ice cream or cream for $7 (ice cream or cream is now an extra $1- it used to be included). It was $6 but they included the ice cream at no extra cost. Now there is an arepa and gozleme stall.

The stallholders seem to get stricter and stricter about photos. Why is that? We used to be able to take lots and lots of photos of stuff but what happened?

Well if they would love tourists to stick around then they need not be so strict on the photos and more stalls please if you can.

Voost Hydration tablets by Akira

I got these Voost Hydration tablets from Go Vita in the city. They are a vitamin C and iron absorbion tablet which is good for the ladies and their menstrual period. As females it is said that we lose a lot more iron then men do in running.



You simply take one a day and put it in water and away it fizzles and dissolves. Here it tasted like orange Fanta and it absorbs my iron intake really well. I took this quite a few times and noticed the energy shift in training.

Do buy the tablets as it is $12.95 for 10 tablets.

Week 11- a new week and the first week of Spring by Akira

This week is the first week of Spring which means that it is hayfever season. Here I have been getting itchy eyes and runny nose. So far my Clarityne liquid capsules has worked well. I have managed to train on days where there is not much pollen around.


Last week I even went around the Yarra Bend with no stopping and not much puffing. I have worked my core really well. But in the end I broke a rib or two so I need to take it a bit easy this week.

Katherine has signed up to the Crosbie crew to get to know others better and get lots more tips. Its true that people who sign up to become members of this exclusive club run better and its $60 a year to join- when you think about its only $5 a month.