How to use Melbourne’s public transport system to get to your race effortlessly

By Akira

Melbourne Marathon is one of the biggest sporting events where many people from all over the world get together and race. If you are getting to the marathon from the suburbs it is vital to know how to get there on time.

Melbourne has the trains, trams and buses but on Sunday mornings they are not frequent. Some may run one every hour so it is important to look on the ptv website. It is important to come to Melbourne a few days to up to two weeks before the race to get yourself accustomed to our transport system.

Melbourne has the all night network for all trains and some trams and you can check the PTV site as to which ones run at night.

There is the free tram zone within the CBD but during the race some trams may not run through the zone. But if you are outside the zone then you will have to purchase a MYKI card for $6 or take a taxi which is even more expensive.


If this is your first time in Melbourne a good idea would be to purchase a MYKI from the train station, 7-11, PTV  Hub in Southern Cross station or at one of the many retailers with the blue MYKI sign. It is not recommended that you buy one from one of the many unstaffed MYKI machines as many visitors to Melbourne get confused and don’t know how to use them. If you don’t have a MYKI and the authorised officers got on your tram, train or bus then you could face a fine of $229 or the on the spot fine of $75 (they will scrap this as of next year). Whilst most have been pleasant to deal with, there are some which are known to be abusive to passengers.

It is $7.80 per day (zone 1 and 2) and you can travel as many times in the day that you like. On weekends it is $6.

As for the touching on if you need help to do this just ask one of the other passengers (on a tram that is) or the customer service staff at a staffed station. If you can, try and go to a staffed train station as they are safer in the early hours of the morning. Oh and if you have a defective MYKI you may be able to get it replaced.  It might mean that someone may have to drop you off there. On a tram or a bus sit as close as you can to the driver.

You don’t have to touch off on a tram but on trains and buses you do. One beep means you have touched on, two means that you have touched off and three beeps means that it is negative (not touched on or off and you need to put more money on it).

If you need any help with using the system don’t be afraid to ask the friendly staff or other passengers to assist you.


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