Week nine of the Melbourne Marathon by Akira

This week we have been learning lots on YouTube about running pace and foot strike without injuring ourselves. Too often runners do the wrong foot strike and here we have found some interesting video on it. Most people either land on their toes or heels injuring their foot.

This week we also went back to Vapiano and had their truffle pizza for free as part of their fanatico program. It tasted really salty with all the hamĀ on there. Did we really need all that salt??? This would have been better as vegetarian mushroom pizza and then people can add stuff to it like olives. The olives were good though. It also had too much cheese on there. The pasta was fine and we also went to Sauced pasta bar on Burke Road in Camberwell.

This week we also joined the Crosbie crew to learn how to do better running in time for the race. I really liked reading Tim’s posts on running well. Tim has had a lot of expereince in running well.

I didn’t sleep so well on one of those nights as it was so windy. Hence I was a bit grumpy.

On the 12 km long track on the Sunday morning I was struggling on the uphill parts. Need to work on that core.

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