STREAT cafe is a a social enterprize which helps the homeless. I have been there a few times but not for a while. Since I am assisting the homeless I thought that this would be a great idea to write about the place. Kinfolk is another.

They are in Melbourne Central shopping centre in the city on the ground floor. They are open on the weekends. They do takeaway as well as eating in. The menu for food is limited and its whatever is there in the cabinet.

The place is run by lovely staff and volunteers all of whom are friendly.

Here all the profits goes towards the homeless and a coffee and crossaint is $6.80. I got a watered down latte (that’s ok as who needs all that milk when they are trying to lose weight fast) but that bitter flavour was there.

My crossaint which was almond by the way was simply good. It was not too sweet which is great as some of us and maybe yourself cannot have too much sugar.


Do come on by for your breakfast fix in the city and help those that are less fortunate. You can also help by donating here.

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